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NEW VetnPro Infrared Red Light Therapy

A full range of Infrared Red Light Therapy Products for Equines, and various products for Dogs other Pets and Humans* is now available!  

Intro offers on the VetnPro IRLT range have now ended (31/07/23) any images displaying the introductory prices are for display purposes only and no longer valid, and will be replaced as soon as we are updated by our VetnPro manufacturers with new product images.  

IRLT offers so many uniquely essential benefits for horses! 
When used in the Healthcare and management of horses in work, IRLT has proven to be a 100% non-toxic non-invasive highly effective equine treatment option which has zero side effects, which is easily incorporated into the daily routine 

IRLT can assist with:

• Pain Relief

• Improvement of Blood Circulation, Blood Pressure & Flow Rates, Cardiovascular health 

• Cell & Tissue Regeneration Rejuvenation Renewal 

• Reduction of swelling and inflammation 

• Wound management and healing, faster more efficient healing 

• New & old injury treatment recovery rehabilitation 

• Improving Bone health & density 

• Repair, strengthen and improve cartilage 

• Achieving Deep Relaxation and Calming effects 

• Brain Injury/damage, mental health management 

• Resolving Skin issues and ongoing allergies 

• Strengthen immune system

• Reduction of ‘Down Time’

• Weight Loss

• Wavelengths >780nm - increase vasodilation and cerebral bloodflow

✔️For high performance equine athletes the many features apart from the above, of using IRLT for horses, are too many to mention!  
One fantastic result of IRLT is the increase in energy production in mitochondria of the muscular system  

The VetnPro IRLT Range is a minimal financial investment into a lifetime of having the assurance of all of the IRLT benefits at your fingertips - for ultimate equine health, well-being, management and optimal performance 


Infrared LEDS:  

For most of the range, VetnPro Infrared Light Therapy uses a combination of:

▪️Red 660nm 
▪️Near Infrared 850nm   
the ideal light intensity to relief pain and encourage wound healing and healthy cell regeneration in horses

▪️Ratio 1:2 660nm 850nm. 
▪️Irradiation: >100 - 150w/cm2 various depending on which product  - 150w/cm2 is the highest available irradiation level animal product available 
▪️3 in 1 LED CHIPS: each LED contains 3 Chips   
▪️Medical Grade High Performance LEDS

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The most comprehensive medically scientifically Equine IRLT products range anywhere… at the best prices delivered to your door FREE

Certified CE RoHS FCC SAA ISO1009 ISO13485 FDA Reg 

*Dog other Pet Human products currently being added 

✴️1 - 5 Year Warranty incl Replacement Warranty

✴️Money Back Guarantee  

✴️Lifetime Customer Service Spare Parts & Technical Advice

✴️All products are CE RoHS ENEC FCC SAA ISO1009 Certified - 15+ Years experience Manufacturer supplying worldwide