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 NEW to Auberon!      
Heating Temperature Range: 25-90C degrees
100% Natural Quartz & Infrared Light Therapy
Natural Amethyst Quartz Biophysical Therapy
+ Far Infrared Light Therapy 
A fantastic addition to the existing IRLT arrange, this Complimentary Grade 4 Medical Device is designed to assist Humans & Animals alike;  
  • to provide controlled Full Body Heating anytime it is required 
  • to treat physical and mental health issues
  • to improve overal quality of life.
100 x 50cm
170 x 60cm
190 x 80cm 
Amethyst Natural Quartz, derived straight from Mother Nature, combines with the incredible benefits of IRLT
  • to promote blood circulation
  • reduce inflammation
  • heal damaged tissue and cells
  • stabilise emotional response 
  • accelerate metabolism
  • increase muscle nutrients
  • regenerate new cells and tissue
  • facilitate healing + recovery
  • eliminate toxins
  • assists with neurological conditions/issues
  • improve concentration and memory 
  • promote brain cell activity 
  • Plus so much more!


The Heating feature of this product is a huge part of the success of achieving the set goals by our customers. 
  • Operated via a Hand Controller   
    Heating Temperature Range is between 25 - 80/90C degrees 
  • 5 Control Levels of PEMF
  • DuratIon: 1-9 hours adjustable timer
  • Multi-Gear stable uniform temperature  
Combined with Amethyst Quartz and Far Infrared Light Therapy, this Controlled Heating Option offers a genuine proven treatment for recovery and rehabilitation from injuries and other symptoms. 
Heat can play an important role in the management of sick, injured, ageing and overal wellness of all. 

The combination of 3 extremely effective and safe treatment methods in one has been scientifically proven to have positive results.  
This innovative product has already gained popularity for its proven effectiveness.

• It is currently being used and tested in cases where other treatments have shown limited or no success, resulting in positive outcomes. 

Within the Equine & Canine treatment protocols, the recommendation of daily 20-minute sessions has led to significant improvement in pain management, healing, and recovery of various conditions and injuries.
• Antioxidant activated cells, expel heavy metals and toxins adding a significant benefit to this new product 
Humans:  (and all animals!)
~ Healing of injuries ailments conditions 
~ Pain relief & reduction elimination of tension 
~ Reduce/eliminate inflammation
~ Assists with management of Arthritis, Ageing, Degenerative Conditions etc
~ Supports healthy structural re-growth and recovery 
~ Rehabilitation of damaged, scarred tissue 
~ Improved blood circulation 

AMETHYST assists with mood stability, removal of negative stagnant energy, concentration, calmness, 
Perfectly compliments    
Weightloss & Slimming Programs:   

• regular use can accelerate the metabolism, thereby promoting rapid decomposition of fat cells and quick assisted weightloss

Improve skin conditions:  
• assists to heal the skin to allow quick and readily absorbency of nutritional essence
• easily penetrates into the inner and deeper layers of skin
• Increase elasticity, flexibility, shine/glow
• Increased Collagen production supporting healthy skin and assisting with overal health and mobility 
• Repair, rejuvenate re-establish new healthy cell growth 
General Health:
Maintainance of overal wellness:  
• incorporate into the daily routine for 20 minutes a day.
• May also assist with:  
  • Arthritis
  • Neurological / Mental Health
  • Musculoskeletal 
  • CNS extremities 
  • Insomnia
  • Migraine
  • Sciatica
  • Constipation
  • Endocrine Disorders
  • Immune system and more

  • Hand Controller with dial for setting of temperature between 25-90C degrees
  • Multi-Gear Stable Temperature Control
  • Automatic Temperature Preset 
  • SAFETY:    
    Double Protection Built-In Overheating   Automatic Cut-Off
  • Foldable and Portable 
  • Intelligent Timer 
  • Zoned Heating 
  • High quality raw materials 
  • Flame Retardant safe durable materials 

High quality selected soft safe comfortable durable  hardwearing sweat-proof PU Leather 
Flame Retardant 
Fine stitching & workmanship 

Power: 500W
Voltage: 220V
Power Consumption: 0.5w/1C Degree
Warranty: 1 Year 

Power Supply: Mains Power - Adapter included   
Note: the Power Plug will be sent according to your country’s local requirements 
There is a world of information available online relating to the wonderful workings and effects of Amethyst Natural Quartz and Infrared Red Light Therapy for all species. 
Please refer to the info available if you’d like to know more. 

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