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Human InfraRed Light Therapy SLEEPING BAG Multipurpose Back Vital Organs Musculoskeletal ALL OVER BODY Pain Relief Healing Recovery Rehabilitation Weightloss Rest & Restoration

Human InfraRed Light Therapy SLEEPING BAG Multipurpose Back Vital Organs Musculoskeletal ALL OVER BODY Pain Relief Healing Recovery Rehabilitation Weightloss Rest & Restoration

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VetnPro IRLT HUMAN SLEEPING BAG FULL BODY  Infrared Red Light Therapy  


New to the range, this versatile HUMAN IRLT FULL BODY SLEEPING BAG is powerpacked with 660nm 850nm infrared LEDS; highly effective irradiation level of <120W/cm2

3 in 1 Medical Grade LEDS  
Class 4 Medical Device

2 SIZES:  
•160 x 60cm  LEDS - 2580 Chips: 7740

•180 x 80cm  LEDS (to be updated) 

Estimated Lifetime Hours : 50000+

The Human IRLT FULL BODY SLEEPING BAG is available in these two sizes to accommodate most people comfortably for the most effective complete treatment 

The benefits of IRLT can improve quality of life and life expectancy in many ways; some of the main purposes of IRLT is for Pain Relief and Healing of Injuries and Ailments.

To now have this invaluable option in treatment of ourselves is an opportunity not to be missed. Life is so busy it is the first thing to be overlooked. 
We all consistently look for ways to improve our health - in our own and our families’ lives, and spend huge amounts of money annually to achieve this. 

IRLT has been scientifically proven to:

  • Relieve pain 
  • Improve blood circulation, flow, heart rates and cardiovascular health 
  • Assist with cell & tissue regeneration, rejuvenation and renewal 
  • Improve and speed up healing of injuries, damages, wounds
  • Reduce and manage mental health conditions including nervous, anxious, hyperactive, aggressive and other negative behaviours
  • Improve bone health, cartilage, and healing  
  • Improve appetite and increased calorie intake
  • Manage & Heal skin conditions 
  • Increase Collagen formation
  • Assist with weight loss

Made from strong durable water resistant easy to clean Neoprene with Medical Grade LEDs 3 in 1 Diodes 

LEDs: 660nm 850nm - the perfect combination to effectively treat most ailments and conditions - for more information please refer to the photos and information available on the website click here:  

VetnPro Infrared Red Light Therapy Info

Irradiation >120W/cm2 - High performing superior medical grade LED Diodes
>100w/cm2 Diodes are deemed to be more than adequate and effective for human ‘conformation’ and physiology

120Watt 240V

1 Year Warranty on Core Components 

Lifetime Customer Service & spare parts

Free delivery

Current estimated delivery time 8 - 12 days 



IRLT products are powered in several ways: 

  • Wireless operation - BUILT IN Battery   
    - push button program 
    - recharged by adapter to Mains power 
  • Mains power  
    - via adapter and extension cord   
    - requires use within crossties type environment under close supervision;   
    feed / grooming time are perfect for this type of IRLT power supply products 
  • Wireless operation   
    Rechargeable via Powerbank    
    - not connected to mains power or long chords/leads, with built in cable connection to attach to ‘StickOn’ Powerpocket    

  • - charger included   
  • - Powerbank not included     
    compatible with this Sleeping Bag:  
    DC24V Powerbank Battery Commercial Grade Heavy Duty 3.2kg   
  • Up to 3.5 hours working time    
    add in options below 


  • The IRLT Range can run on mains power via adapter & extension lead  
  • via Powerbank - where the IRLT product runs by ‘StickOn’ Powerpack  
    a Powerbank is required (not incl)

To operate this IRLT type of product:
1) a Powerbank with type C 5V/2A input is required    
(can be purchased just about anywhere or there are a couple of options available in our webstore in the IRLT range)    

2) The Powerbank is charged up via the supplied adapter and cable    

3) Once charged, the Powerbank is placed in the provided StickOn Powerpack Pocket

4) Attach the StickOn Powerpack Pocket to the IRLT  Product - enabled by the strong Velcro

5) Plug it into the built in connection cable of the particular product

The Powerbank should supply ample power to last 2 or more 20minute treatments depending on the specifications of the Powerbank.

Where applicable, Intro offers on the VetnPro IRLT range have now ended (31/07/23) any images displaying the introductory prices are for display purposes only and no longer valid, and will be replaced as soon as we are updated by our VetnPro manufacturers with new product images.

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