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Dog Infrared Red Light Therapy Leg Boot Brace Wrap BUILT IN BATTERY Medical Grade LEDs

Dog Infrared Red Light Therapy Leg Boot Brace Wrap BUILT IN BATTERY Medical Grade LEDs

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VetnPro high quality Canine Dog Pet Leg    
Infrared Red Light Therapy Wrap Boot Brace 

One size fits most - fully adjustable 

Made from strong durable water resistant easy to clean Neoprene with Medical Grade LEDs 3 in 1 

LEDs: 660nm 850nm - the perfect combination to effectively treat most ailments and conditions - for more information please refer to the photos and information available on the website click here:  

VetnPro Infrared Red Light Therapy Info

Irradiation >100w/cm2 - High performing medical grade LED Diodes; >100w/cm2 Diodes are selected to be more than adequate and effective for dog conformation and physiology.

One size - fully adjustable shaped & tailored fit to suit most dogs

4 x Strong Velcro straps ensure the IRLT Boot stays in place even during activities 

The Canine IRLT Boots are a fantastic all natural non toxic non invasive dog health and well being management and maintenance tool - have it handy at home or take anywhere and potentially safe thousands on vet bills and other outsourced treatments 

Being a complimentary highly effective method to treat, improve and alleviate a range of conditions and ailments, IRLT can be used on a daily basis or as is required, and can be worn by your dog during his/her usual daily routine 

Some of the uses and benefits of IRLT for dogs:

• Alleviate painful conditions - acute and chronic 

• Relieve symptoms of Arthritis Hip Elbow Dysplasia Ageing etc  

• Reduce swelling and inflammation - effectively improve and eliminate swollen inflamed tissue cells

• Heal tendon and ligament damages and injuries 

• Offer pain relief for muscle soreness, back pain and fractures

• Treat and eliminate skin conditions

• Calm nervous behaviour and habits

• Increase strength of immune system

• assist with the support and maintenance of a healthy respiratory system 

• Improve blood circulation, blood flow and heart rate ensuring optimal cardiovascular health to extend life expectancy 

• Provide essential 660nm 850nm frequency for optimal natural cell regeneration rejuvenation  

• Support veterinary treatment of cancers, and other diseases requiring elimination of toxins and ensure replacement of depleted bodily functions and sources during recovery

• Rehabilitation from injury and surgery; IRLT supports and facilitates the growth of new cells and repair and renewal of tissue, muscle growth and strength. 
Records have shown wound healing rates are on average improved to just a quarter of the time it would normally take to heal without the use of IRLT

• Improve bone density

• Repair rejuvenation of cartilage 

• Heal old injuries, niggling issues and other symptoms

• Improve digestion, nervous system and overal health and well-being  

• Reduce anxiety, stress, behavioural issues, and increase calm considerate and acceptable behaviour

• Calming of hyperactive OTT Dog Types…

• Improve reproductive health  

1 Year Warranty - Lifetime customer service, technical advice and spare parts 

Please note:  

Apart from this amazing Canine IRLT Boot Wrap, there is a multipurpose multispecies IRLT LED Pad available which is most useful to treat dogs’ back, abdomen, head , neck and Hindquarter areas 

Check it out here: (to be added shortly)

Intro offers on the VetnPro IRLT range have now ended (31/07/23) any images displaying the introductory prices are for display purposes only and no longer valid, and will be replaced as soon as we are updated by our VetnPro manufacturers with new product images.

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