Collection: Equine & Livestock

A collection of purposefully selected quality functional, useful and durable Livestock supplies products - for horses cows sheep goats pigs chickens and more

All the favourite farm animals provided for - however we do not supply the usual items …. as they are already well-stocked by so many other online stores and commercial outlets.

Auberon livestock supplies is all about bringing you some different and unusual products which are not yet sold in Australia. 

The criteria is that it/they should be:

  1. useful,
  2. functional,
  3. fit for purpose,
  4. made to withstand the weather/environmental conditions
  5. made for longevity 
  6. value for money
  7. safe and secure 
  8. good fun (not necessarily a requirement, but we’d like to add some fun-inspriring goods too!)

If there are products you would like to order which are not listed please let us know. 
We will do our best to bring you what you need by custom made order with an approx turnaround time of just 1-7 days. 
Contact us at:

From the little things - such as auto chicken doors & piglet insulator huts, to horse shelters & stables PLUS complete undercover enclosed 60x20m equestrian arenas 
all now available

delivered FREE to your door/business location 


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