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Canine Treadmill 2 Dog Double Track w/Safety Panels + Divider 5HP VPTM400DBLPro electronic heavy duty training conditioning commercial

Canine Treadmill 2 Dog Double Track w/Safety Panels + Divider 5HP VPTM400DBLPro electronic heavy duty training conditioning commercial

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NEW VetnPro Dog 5HP DOUBLE 2 DOG Treadmill Electronic ~ designed to accommodate 2 dogs 

• VPTM400DBLPro with fully enclosed steel side  and divider  panels for ultimate dogs + handler safety whilst using the treadmill

within standard shipping zones worldwide 

• Dog Exercise Training Fitness Rehabilitation Recovery Clinic Post Surgery Physiotherapy Pet Home Exercise Weight Loss

  • Fully enclosed heavy duty steel frame/steel wire side panels and Divider
  • Enables exercise/treatment of 2 dogs at once
    - there are many benefits to the use of the double treadmill including:    
    • familiarising new dogs to the treadmill using another experienced dog
    • reducing environmental anxiety / stress   
    • motivation   
    • saving time - treat multiple dogs per day 
  • Size: 203 x 85 x 119cm
  • Foldable portable design for compact quick & easy storage, and transport
  • Multi - function LED Controller displays: Speed Time Distance Calories Up/Down and more
  • Emergency Stop Key - pull out to instantly cease the motor and stop the runway from moving. The Stop Key can be attached to the dog as a safety back-up 
  • 2 x Heavy duty Industrial Strength Wheels at front.  
    2 x
     adjustable height  Rear Stands/Feet, with sturdy rubber grips for safety stability and security
  • Speed: 0.8 - 12km/hr
  • Weight Load Bearing: <150kgs
  • Runway width x length: 680 x 2590mm
  • Runway Surface Thickness: 1.8mm
  • Runway Board Thickness: 15mm
  • 1 Year Warranty 
  • Lifetime Customer Support, Advice, Spare Parts department 
  • English User Manual
  • Weight: 133Kg NW 152kg GW
  • Motor: 5HP

FREE DELIVERY to locations within standard shipping zones worldwide ~ up to $700AUD (majority of orders qualify for free delivery)

Please refer to the T&Cs, & Shipping + Delivery and Returns Refunds & Exchanges pages on the website 

These treadmills are currently in production, the average production time 7 days 

CLASS: Heavy Weight Oversize Overweight Goods requiring specialist handling equipment, vehicles and staff to deliver 

Average delivery time 4-6 weeks 

Discounts available for Trade Account Holders/ Multiple Purchases/Wholesale 


Suits use for:

Dog Exercise Training Fitness Rehabilitation Recovery Post Surgery Physiotherapy Pet Exercise Weight Loss Behaviour Modification & Management and more

Dog Size/Weight: (smallest - largest weight limits)

  • ADS100 Small/Medium Breeds <80kgs  
  • ADS200 <100kgs
  • ADS300 <100kgs
  • ADS400 <110kgs
  • ADS600 XL/Giant Breeds <150kgs

Sizes: of treadmill when set up

  • ADS100 - 1100 x 420 x 930mm 
  • ADS200 - 1300 x 180 x 520mm
  • ADS300 - 1680 x 560 x 980mm
  • ADS400 - 2000 x 620 x 1140mm
  • ADS600 - 2860 x 870 x 1240mm

Materials: Stainless Steel non-corrosive non-rust & PP


  • Foldable design for easy storage & transport 
  • Intelligent Controller multi-function LED display - Speed Time Distance Calories + more - 2 types depending on Model
  • Industrial Heavy Duty front wheels for convenience, with adjustable height heavy duty rear stands/feet with rubber grips for safety and security
  • Speed: 0.8 - 20km/hr
  • Weight Load Bearing: see above ‘Dog Size/Weight’
  • 1 Year Warranty 
  • Lifetime Customer Service, Maintenance and Spare Parts
  • English User Manual


Weight Range of Treadmills: (lowest - highest)

  • ADS100 - 21kgs to
  • ADS600 - 152kgs

Runway width x length: (shortest - longest)

  • ADS100 280 x 850mm to
  • ADS600 680 x 2590mm

Runway Surface Thickness: 1.2mm - 1.8mm

Runway Board Thickness: 12mm - 18mm

Motor: (smallest - biggest capacity)

  • ADS100 - 200W
  • ADS200 - 1.75HP
  • ADS300 - 1.75HP
  • ADS400 - 3HP
  • ADS600 - 5HP

10 days     
delivery time average 4 weeks 


  • Hydrotherapy Underwater Treadmills available please see other listings 
  • SLATMILLS available by request 
  • Discount for multiple treadmill purchases


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