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SALE! Veterinary Ultrasound Machine Portable Lightweight Handheld $2049 incl Convex Probe

SALE! Veterinary Ultrasound Machine Portable Lightweight Handheld $2049 incl Convex Probe

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Veterinary Ultrasound Machine Portable 
VU20 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine
Lightweight handheld portable with handle for support during use & convenience  

Scanning Depth
: 240mm 
Scanning: Covex / linear / micro-convex / back-fat 
Probes: Convex / rectal / micro-convex / linear 
Rectal Probe & Custom Carry Case included.
Video Goggles avail
Screen Size:5.5inch TFT Color LCD 
• Light weight 500g, compact and convenient
• Crystal clear with high resolution image display
• Dismountable battery- operating time 3+ hours
• 192 frames of cine-memory and 1024 images permanent storage
• Realized read-write function through USB connection and SD connection
• Other performance is as the same as the laptop computer, such as power save mode, touch mouse and so on

Professional software:  
- General software
- Obstetrics software  
- Cardiac software
• Video-out port, connect with computer, external monitor and HP printer directly
• Supports coloured surfaces, ultrasonic areas pseudo-colour.
Display Mode:  
- B,B+B,B+M,M,4B 
Gray Shade:  
- 256Levels    
Scan Depth:  
- 70-240mm,
Adjustable Cine Loop:  
- 400frames 
Built-in Memory:  
- 64Images 
Focus Position:  
- 2 Point 
Adjustable annotation:  
- Date - Clock - Name - Sex - ID - Age
- Full screen Editor 
Battery Working Time: 3hours 
Battery Charging time: 2Hours 
- Coded color
- Histogram
- Smooth Image 
Adjustable TCG: N.G(Near gain) 
F.G.(Far gain) adjustable 
O.G.(Overall gain)

Adjustable Standard Configuration sent:   
please leave a note in Checkout if you’d prefer a different probe
- Main Ultrasound Machine unit
- 6.5MHZ Rectal Linear Probe
- AC-Adaptor
- Rubber Protector
- Rechargeable Battery
- Shoulder & Waist Belt
- Aluminium/HD Storage / Carry Case
Will be packed in a custom carrying case
Veterinary Clinic / Professional / Home Use Ultrasound portable handheld Machine
Full digital
- Car Lighter
- Rechargeable Battery
- Video Goggles
- Scanner Self Support Bracket is included 

• 1 Year Warranty

• Lifetime Customer Service & Technical Advice & Spare Parts & Support

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