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Breeders Aluminium Dog Whelping Box with Bitch Privacy/Puppy Play Pen

Breeders Aluminium Dog Whelping Box with Bitch Privacy/Puppy Play Pen

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Whelping Box & options:

NEW VetnPro Dog Breeders Whelping Box with Puppy Play Pen / Bitch Privacy Pen

Multifunctional safe and secure Breeders Aluminium Whelping Box   

Can be purchased:   
a) Whelping Box Only  or  
b) Complete Box & Pen Setup - incl a puppy play pen / dam privacy time out pen

• Comes with safety anti-crush pig rails to offer safe spaces for pups to remain out of the way of potentially being squashed by their mum 


• Front Side Rear PANELS: 2 types

  • - Clear Plexiglass See-through or   
    - Solid Panels White interior - add $59
    please leave a note in Checkout which you prefer - the Plexiglass style is sent if no note is left.


Lockable latch entry door keeps everyone safely contained in one space   

  • - a raised barrier makes up the lower part of the entry to assist with keeping pups securely within the whelping box, especially during the early stages.
    - Bitch can step over the raised barrier to access the adjoining safe pen for time-out or to keep nearby the pups safely without posing a direct risk to the litter  
  • Smooth safe secure Aluminium Play Pen adds additional space for pups to exercise and play in whist being contained in a controlled safe secure environment 


High Quality materials:  
- Aluminium & Plexiglass or  
- Aluminium & Aluminium Alloy Sheeting  
   with Stainless Steel Fittings & Hardware


Safe & Secure:
Engineered design for optimal safety for dam and pups:    
- No sharp edges or corners fully protected finish
- No gaps or cracks for small body parts to get caught in     
- Stainless Steel Latches & Locks to ensure safe secure escape-proof accommodation & containment

Strong Durable & Hard-Wearing:

- Construction & strength; support & withstand the pressure to perform to which the Whelping Box is exposed to over many seasons   
- Made to outlast the rigours of use by dogs and growing puppies
- Anti-corrosion rust free square-tubed aluminium ensures durability longevity and reliability for years to come

Lightweight & Convenient:
- Portable lightweight to move / handle
- Easy to set up and dismantle for storage or transit


Hygienic & easy to maintain:   
- Smooth surfaces no gaps or cracks for dirt to accumulate and harbour bacteria etc   
- Wipe clean without the need for harsh chemicals  


SIZES in cms: 

  • SMALL 80 x 80 box + 80 x 80 pen 
  • MEDIUM 90 x 90 box + 90 x 90 pen
  • LARGE 100 x 100 box + 100 x 100 pen
  • EXTRA LARGE 120 x 120 box + 120 x 120 pen
  • GIANT 150 x 150 box + 150 x 159 pen 

HEIGHTS of panels:

  • SMALL & MEDIUM 60cm
  • GIANT 100cm

The following accessories are available to purchase with the Whelping Box:

  1. Overhead Heat Lamp Bracket & HangingHook
  2. Heat Lamp 
  3. Waterproof Canvas or Steel Mesh Cover for box and/or pen
  4. Removable Pen Divider 
  5. Removable Box Divider - separate dam & pups safely & effectively or use to minimise the size 
  6. Whelping Box Pet Safe Heater with Settings and Safety Cut-out Switch 100% Pet proof 
  7. Vet Bed 
  8. Rubber Matting 
  9. Puppy liner pads - bulk quantity only
  10. Dog bedding & enrichment products 

Average free delivery time: 4-5 weeks within standard shipping zones worldwide 

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15% off valid until 31/10/23 or until sold out 



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