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VetnPro VU21 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine Portable 12.1” Monitor

VetnPro VU21 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine Portable 12.1” Monitor

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Veterinary Ultrasound Machine Portable
VetnPro VU21 Laptop Scanner Livestock Pets 
- All round professional veterinary multifunction high quality ultrasound scanner machine 
- Notebook/Laptop style 
- Fully comprehensive
- User friendly & easy to operate  
- Comes with Aluminium Pro-range Carry / Storage Case with foamboard inner protection
Monitor size
  • 12.1” inch TFT Colour LCD
  • High resolution monitor

Weight: 3.5kg incl battery

  • Date
  • Clock
  • Name
  • PID: - Age - Sex
  • Clinic Name
  • Treating Doctor 
  • distance
  • circumference
  • area
  • volume
  • heart rate
  • GA
  • FW
  • EDD
2 Probes Inlet sockets to support simultaneously using of a choice of several optional probes
Standard kit includes:  
- micro convex or
- linear probe ~  
leave a note in Checkout which you would like.   
If no preference is offered a complimentary micro-convex probe is sent
• Built-in Heat dissipation device to assist with prolonging of machine life
• More than 100-image permanent storage
Display mode
  • B, B+B, B+M, B+M/M, M, 4B
Image gray scale
  • 256 Scale
Cine loop
  • ≥500 Frames
- Scan angle
• Adjustable
- Scan depth
• 40mm-240mm
- Image flip
• Up/down, left/right, black/ white
- Image Process
• GAMA, Image Smoothen, THI, Histogram, Zoom
• 14V
Power Supply
• AC110~240V,50/60HZ
Included in Standard Configuration:
• 1 x Main Unit
• 1 x R60/3.5MHZ Convex Probe
• 1 x AC—Adaptor
• 1 x Rechargeable Battery

• 1 x R13/6.5MHZ Transvaginal / Rectal Probe
• 1 x R20/5.0MHZ Micro Convex Probe
• 1 x L40/7.5MHZ Linear Probe 
1 x 3.5MHZ Back Fat Probe
1 x Sony Video Printer
• 1 x Stainless Steel Trolley Cart   
   (Recommended for in-clinic use or is portable)
Outstanding Imaging Quality: 
  • High-frequency beam-former
  • Whole-course real-time continuous dynamic focusing and aperture
Comprehensive Clinical Application:
  • wide selection of multi-frequency transducers for different applications
  • Abundant measurement packages for:    
    -Obsterics Gynaecology Urology Cardiology 
  • automatically generated measurements report
User-friendly Workflow Design:
  • Large capacity for cine loop built-in permanent storage
  • USB 2.0 for flexible image transportation
  • Silent fan operation
  • Quick scan
  • Intelligent grouping key
  • Image format both in AVI and BMP
Packing information
  • N.W. (3.5KG) G.W(7KG)
  • Comes with Pro Range Aluminium Carry/Storage Case with Foamboard for safety, security and convenience 

1 Year Manufacturers Warranty 

Lifetime Customer Service - Technical Advice  Spare Parts - 7 Days a Week Online Support

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