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Auberon indestructible KNine Safe Crates Dog box trolley

Auberon indestructible KNine Safe Crates Dog box trolley

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NEW! Proudly presenting the latest most advanced design collision-tested ‘indestructible’ 


Exclusive agents in Australia
now available

This latest most exciting modern stylish modular stackackle brand new range of Lightweight Aluminium Dog Crates is sure to impress!

Worldwide Product Launch 22/0/23 


Quality Collapsible Portable or Permanent Lightweight Safe Secure Sturdy Comfortable Calming Convenient Cost-Effective

Invest Once - Invest Well    
in your Dogs’ ultimate safety + security  

If you love the idea of the latest in safe crate engineering, construction & design combined with 2 decades of experience and knowledge learnt from past and current crate use worldwide…

here they are!


Made using environmentally sustainable practices of the highest quality 6061 Aluminium;
indestructible* lightweight super strong & durable hardwearing rust-proof comfort

Designed & extensively tested for:  

superior safety strength durability functionality practicality longevity convenience + more


Perfect for:

  • Dogs in Transit/in Vehicles/back of Utes etc
  • Puppy / Dog Crate training
  • Home-base Safe-Zone permanent or portable 
  • Multiple Stacked Crate Configurations
  • Separation during feeding times
  • Mobile Safe-House / Safe-Zone 
  • Dog Show / Outings Accommodations
  • Sporting / Hunting /Working Dogs  
  • Grooming Salons
  • Vet Clinics
  • Retail
  • Boarding Kennels
  • Shelter-related work and
  • any application or requirement for a safe secure comfortable and convenient dog crate 

3 Year Warranty on core components 


  • Portable or permanent use
  • Collapsible in seconds
  • Space-saving taking up minimal room
  • Folds away flat - perfect for storage when not in use
  • Indestructible* bite chew scratch puncture collision corrosion resistant
  • Withstands the roughest of treatments by anxious, nervous, unsettled dogs
  • Excellent ventilation without compromise of security and safety - improving and increasing dogs’ comfort levels and improving settling rates even for most reactive dogs
  • New designs offer improved comfort and create a calming environment allowing the dog to feel safe whilst having the ability to see his/her surroundings.   
    (if you require a crate cover to minimise the view out or to darken the crate, these may be able to be provided - please leave a note in Checkout)
  • Superior locks and fittings 
  • New improved fortified door design with 2 additional extra heavy duty back up closure latches 
  • One hand operation to open door
  • Military Grade Carry Handle - reliable strong everlasting making it easy to carry the crate 
  • Reinforced protected corners - assist to reduce wear and tear and improve comfort levels minimising effects of bumps etc during transit 
  • Stackable - create crate-hubs safely and securely anywhere anytime 

5 Fantastic SIZES including Giant:    
focusing on maximum safety comfort functionality

  • Small                   60 x 45 x 55cm  
  • Medium               75 x 50 x 63.75cm
  • Medium/Large   85 x 58.75 x 72.5cm
  • Large                  100 x 57 x 72.5cm
  • Extra Large        120 x 67.5 x 82.5cm
  • Giant                   132.5 x 87.5 x 102.5cm



  • Small:                   12kgs
  • Medium:              15kgs
  • Medium Large: 18kgs
  • Large:                  20kgs
  • Extra Large:   25.5kgs
  • Giant:                   50kgs

FREE DELIVERY within standard shipping zones in Australia and around the world 

Delivery time approx 3 weeks - the first two rounds of production have already sold

Available now … for the first time ever!



Please note:

product photos of crates in all colours will be added soon - for ideas of crate colours in the meantime please check out the other Indestructible Dog Crate Series “Show & Groom” “High Anxiety” etc elsewhere in this category 

Colour schemes:   
The KNine Safe Crates come in a variety of colour schemes.
These consist of:  

1) Main Colour (MC): the overal colour of the main body of the Crate 
2) Roof + Floor (RFC): the colour of the roof + floor of the Crate    
3) Side Bracket + Door Trim Colour (SBDTC): the colour of the side bracket, door and any trim of the Crate


  • Black
  • White 
  • Grey
  • Teal
  • (Pastel) Lime
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red

ROOF + FLOOR COLOURS (FC): as pictured 

  • Black
  • Dark Grey


  • As per the Main Colour


Selection of colours: 

- Choose the Main Colour in the options below      
- Leave a note in checkout for your selection of the RFC and SBDTC    

If no RFC & SBDTC are left:     
the crate will be sent with a standard Grey roof, floor, side bracket and door trim

FREE DELIVERY within standard shipping zones worldwide 

Due to demand please allow approx 4 weeks for delivery.
Numbers of crates in stock and on the website are fluid and may not be 100% synchronised with available numbers taking into consideration time differences around the world etc

3 Year Warranty on Core Components 

Money Back Guarantee - 30 day return 

These crates are designed to last a lifetime 


ACCESSORIES: please order via separate listing

  • Trolley 4 wheels for easy moving of crates   
  • Canvas Crate Cover waterproof weatherproof 100% Australian Made incl materials 
  • Comfort Crate Mat 


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