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Aeolus Dryer Stand for Aeolian & other Dryers

Aeolus Dryer Stand for Aeolian & other Dryers

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suits Aeolian and other dryers
Keep your Aeolus Dryer securely in place with this adjustable stand, easy to move around while you keep both hands free to handle and dry the dog safely and efficiently 
- strong, metal construction and
- four heavy-duty wheels for maximum safety stability and manoeuvrability
- Telescopic pole accommodates the mounted dryer at a range of heights
- Perfect for grooming dog whilst on table
- Height adjustability ensures maximum performance and reduced drying times 
- Reduced drying times = 
• reduced time on table for dogs
• reduced power bills
• higher work efficiency rates 
• less wear and tear on groomers’ body
• higher efficiency dealing with double coated breeds 
Don't worry about the dryer being unstable!  
The wide, crossed base prevents tipping.
 adjustable stand is an extremely handy equipmetn to have for dog grooming.
  • Made for:  
    AEOLUS TD901T / TD901ST / TD901GT / TD901MT dryers

Using the stand, the dryer is able to be used at varying heights and is easy and convenient to move around the work space 

The super sturdy and safe feet allow the dryer to be moved much easier than by hand and offers large convenience of having 2 hands free to handle the dog safely and complete the task at hand in no time at all 


SIMPLE but strong the stand is made with a long pole in the centre, supported by a cross shaped base that provides a wide bottom to prevent this stand tipping over.

It is mounted on wheels, with one being fitted to the end of each point of the crossed base for maximum efficiency manoeuvrability and safety 

A strong bracket is fitted at the top of the stand that is used to connect your dryer securely.

It is sure to provide a good hold on the dryer, while supporting its weight and positioning extremely well.
It’s extra-strong construction is designed to keep your dryer firmly in place, for reliable stability and safety.

This stand's central pole features a plastic section at the top for easy grip. Telescopic functionality allows you to extend or reduce its length to suit your requirements.


The strong metal materials used make the stand a hard wearing heavy duty piece of a Groomer’s must-have equipment.
It is fully designed to support your dryer and cope with the weight of this piece of equipment without trouble.

Its superior durability ensures it can handle the task each and every time.


Content Packing Size Weight
box 1: stand pole and legs 65x23x8cm 1.5kg
box 2: braket 27x16x17cm 2kg


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