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BOSTON Lovers Throw Blanket 2 designs Warm Cosy Flannel Fleece

BOSTON Lovers Throw Blanket 2 designs Warm Cosy Flannel Fleece

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Super cute and adorable
just like the breed represented on the warm snug   
Boston Terrier Throw Blankets   
in 2 gorgeous designs 

2 STYLES - nearly SOLD OUT

  • White w/Black White + Red Love Hearts 
    - 75 x 100cm only 4 left!
  • Pink black white Boston Mama
    75 x 100cm - 6 left!  
    130 x 150cm - 3 left!  
    150 x 200cm - 6 left!   

BE QUICK - lovely gift for Boston Terrier Lovers

just a few left available 

Made from quality 100% Polyester Fleece 

Colourfast non fading   

Machine and Hand washable



Please note:

THROW BLANKETS & all Breed-Themed clothing decor novelties etc are available in most breeds.   

You are welcome to place your order via any of the product listings for the type of goods you’d like, for example this Throw Blanket/Boston Terrier;  

• choose the 3rd Option below: DIFFERENT BREED when making your selection

• leave a note in Checkout stating the BREED you’d like instead  

A revised invoice will be sent via email to confirm your order 

• If you’d like to see any of the products such as these Throw Blankets showcasing your favourite breed check out the other listings! 


simply get in touch via    

Please let us know:   
a. Dog/Cat/Horse Breed of interest 
b. Particular items/products you may like to see
c. Request to see the range of products which are available ~ featuring your favourite breed 
we will send you the list via email/text 



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