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AUBERON Dog Supplies

1) Breed - themed T-Shirts Great Gift idea! - most dog breeds available all sizes

1) Breed - themed T-Shirts Great Gift idea! - most dog breeds available all sizes

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Some designs (leave a note in Checkout if not listed)

Gorgeous Breed Themed T-Shirts all sizes 

Most dog breeds available - leave a note in Checkout with your preferred breed if not listed 

Made from:   
Cotton Polyester Spandex for a quality comfortable well-fitting and durable garment loved by all who receive them 


100% Cotton 

• Most designs are not pictured - there are hundreds of different t-shirts.
- please get in touch & advise of the breed you are looking for so we can send you the available designs 

Or of course have a look around our store for other great products which feature your breed!


  • 3D Photographic 
  • Painted in colours 
  • Funny humorous
  • Full frontal & rear view
  • Portraits
  • I love …..(insert breed)
  • Many more!

please refer to the size chart in photos 

depending on design and availability at the time of ordering - please refer to the size chart in photos

  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • XXL
  • 2XL   

Some of the breeds available -  
many others not pictured:

Afghan  •Airedale Terrier •Akita •Alaskan Malamute •American Staffy •Aust Cattle Dog •Australian Shepherd •Basset •Beagle •Bernese Mountain Dog •Bichon •Bloodhound •Border Collie •Borzoi •Boston Terrier •Boxer •Bull Terrier •Bullmastiff •Cairn Terrier •Chihuahua •ChowChow •Collie •Cane Corso •Cavalier King Charles Spaniel •Chinese Crested •Cocker Spaniel •Corgi •Dachshund •Dogue De Bordeaux •Dalmatian •Doberman •English Setter •Fox Terrier •French Bulldog •German Shepherd •Golden Retriever •Great Dane •Greyhound •Griffon •Irish Setter •Jack Russell Terrier •Labrador •Maltese •Mastiff •Neopolitan Mastiff •Newfoundland •Okd English Sheep Dog •Papillon •Pekingnese •Pointer •Pomeranian •Poodle •Pug •Rhodesian Ridgeback •Rottweiler •Saluki •Samoyed •Schnauzer •Shar Pei •Shiba Inu •Shih Tzu •Siberian Husky •St Bernard •Staffordshire Terrier •Tibetan Mastiff •Tibetan Spaniel •Weimaraner •Whippet •Wolfhound •Xoloitzquintle •Yorkshire Terrier 

 Average delivery time <14 days 

FREE DELIVERY within standard shipping zones 


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