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Dog Pet Boots Set of 4 Stay-On Indoor Outdoor weatherproof Nylon Shoes protection

Dog Pet Boots Set of 4 Stay-On Indoor Outdoor weatherproof Nylon Shoes protection

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SALE just $4 / Set of 4 Dog Shoes Boots! 
•$10.90 Small Aust Post Parcel Post delivery within Australia• same day dispatch

One size only: M 5.7 x 5cm foot size 

Colours: Red or Blue

Strong durable Nylon

  • soft pliable comfortable                         
  • shapes to individual foot 
  • no restriction in movement 

2 x Fasteners:

  • Drawstring quick easy safe secure 
  • Velcro Strap ~ (cut off excess Velcro when fitted)


Protect dogs’ feet from:

  • hot pavements, burns scolds etc
  • rough, sharp, unknown conditions
  • nail and/or pad injury
  • extreme cold and much more 


  • minimise risk of foot/pad injury
  • offer waterproof fully enclosed cover
  • post surgery / injury support + protection
  • keep feet clean, remove prior to going inside / into vehicle etc  
    and many other benefits 

Quick to adjust to different Dogs’ feet sizes and shapes, using 1 or 2 Velcro fasteners ensuring snug and secure fit.   

A more snug fit improves functionality and assist the boots to stay on, rather than a loose big fit = potential slipping - take care not to cramp the toes 
(Remove excess Velcro by cutting with scissors)

These canine boots been extensively tested by many different dogs and have stayed on during the majority of activities when fitted correctly 

Easy to keep clean, wash with warm water 

Durable and strong for long term use if required. Ensure the inside of the boots and your dogs’ feet are dry whilst in use to prevent damp conditions

Sale just $4 / set of 4 ~ $10.90 Aust Post Parcel Post delivery  

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