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AUBERON Dog Supplies

Lavish Luxury CAT & RABBIT Castle Mansion House fully interactive high quality pet palace

Lavish Luxury CAT & RABBIT Castle Mansion House fully interactive high quality pet palace

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Individually made to order, these luxury cat and rabbit castles are a most unique and exciting statement centrepiece for any home, business, boarding kennels, daycare etc 

Our brand new   
sure are a standout and are now available for the discerning pet owner

 Lavish Luxury Environmentally Friendly

Made from environmentally sustainable renewable  8 year old purposefully grown Eucalyptus;      
- Formaldehyde and Paint Free non toxic for pets
- Pre-pressed Inner core is structurally stable with superior pressure resistance 
- Water, urine, scratch resistant ~ minimising odour   
- PVC 4 layers high pressed outer protective barrier   
- Withstands high temperatures
No Warp will not bend
- Export grade 

Featuring designs based on scientific research and studies of animal behaviour particularly cats and rabbits 

Auberon Cat & Bunny Castles offer a world of luxurious spaces, platforms, hides and more 

Ideal for:   
jumping climbing exploring socialising hiding   
and of course that much needed   
rest & relaxation 

Attention to detail shines from these masterpiece cat & bunny castles, wonderfully executed by the inclusion of many detailed feature windows, stairs, entries, gorgeous balconies and more!

Internal light fittings are installed, adding to the beautiful aesthetics the castles offer both in daylight and after dark  

Colours can be custom selected and are available in the photos to choose from   
The base colour the Castles are sent in is:   
- Pink or   
with accent colours as per the photos if no custom colour is required

1 Year Warranty on Core Components 

Lifetime Customer Service & Spare Parts 

FREE DELIVERY included up to the amount of $500 - the remainder shipping fee to be charged to the purchaser 

*please note this is a heavy weight item requiring courier delivery

SIZE: 118 x 107 x 182cm
Weight: 94kgs

Average delivery time: 6 weeks custom made 




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