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King Arthur Bunny Range Rabbit castle house cave hide dog house

King Arthur Bunny Range Rabbit castle house cave hide dog house

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King Arthur Bunny Range • Rabbit Dog Cat Castle House Cave Hide • Free delivery 

• Collapsible Foldable Portable - Set up in seconds.

Bunnies love spaces to hang out in, to loaf around and play…in particular they love hideouts and covered spaces with entries and exits.

Our King Arthur Bunny Castle Cave is perfect for this purpose, with its’ heavy duty chew resistant materials and open archways on each side.

It has proven to be a popular central rest & play zone for the rabbits who have been fortunate to be selected as test bunnies to experiment with this gorgeous bunny must-have.

Another feature is the flat roof; being within easy reach it encourages your rabbits’ natural instincts and needs to jump up on things, and provides a fun option for exercise and play.

The Auberon King Arthur Bunny Range passed the ‘Rabbit-Resistance Testing’ in flying colours!

Made from durable strong chew-resistent plastic, it is weatherproof, meaning no corrosion/rust and no deterioration of the materials over time.
With general use and care you should have enjoyment from this Bunny Range for a very long time.

The bunny castle cave also provides excellent air circulation and shade in warmer weather.

The design is modular and the flat roof style can be stacked to create multiple height structures.

They can also be combined with the Lockable Bunny/Dog Castle House part of this range of products to create entire Bunny Kingdoms made to last and enjoy.

1 size available: 

  • 62.5 x 48.5 x 44.5cm 

In 3 Colours:

  • Grey/pink
  • Grey/Blue
  • Grey/Green

Matches with:

King Arthur Bunny Range Castle House - Stackable 2 Storey 

Estimated delivery time 7-15 days


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