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Canine Front Leg Elbow Joint Support

Canine Front Leg Elbow Joint Support

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Canine Elbows Front Legs Joints Double Brace!

• This high quality brace is perfect for protecting your dog's front legs and elbows, helping them recover from injuries, after surgery, rehabilitation or generally offering support for dogs with arthritis and other ailments which may affect their front legs.

It also offers general support and stability for both the shoulders and wither area.

Depending on individual fit, this well made support brace may offer elbow protection and assist to prevent, reduce or minimise hygromas as mostly seen in large and giant breed dogs.

The tough nylon construction is durable and will stand up to daily use, while the adjustable straps ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

Whether your dog needs a little support, is healing from an injury or dealing with arthritis, this leg brace may help them get back on their feet and enjoying life again!

Refer to the photos and size chart for more details

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Type: Pet Leg Double Support Brace - Front Legs 
Materials: Nylon Colour: Black
Made for canine specific use

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