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A must-have for you?! …Heated Shawl Shoulder Neck Warmer Heat Blanket 40C-60C

A must-have for you?! …Heated Shawl Shoulder Neck Warmer Heat Blanket 40C-60C

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Be toasty warm and well, in the coldest weather with the new Therapeutic Physiotherapy Microfibre Heating Shawl!  

Why not look after yourself just like you do your own pets?
Winter Aches &  Pains, feeling the cold, Neck and Shoulder Tension, Headaches, Stiffness, Nerve Compression… all sound too familiar?  

Made to last from the finest quality materials, the Therapeutic Heating Shawl is designed to assist with relief of Neck, Shoulder and upper Back Pain and can also be used independently on any other areas that could benefit from targeted Heat Therapy 

Here are some of the many health benefits and features:

  • Assists with relief from joint & muscle pain, Arthritis, soft tissue injuries, associated ailments, symptoms of fatigue, lack of circulation, and so much more
  • Heating Temperatures between 40C - 60C be not only toasty warm this winter, the Heating abilities of the Shawl penetrate deeply for maximum results
  • Smart multifunction control switch with removable long 1.85m power chord  
  • Timer with 4 Settings to set heating at 30min intervals between 30mins to 120mins 
  • 6 Heat Temperature Control Settings at:   40 - 45 - 48 - 52 - 56 - 60 Degrees Celsius for accurate selection of the perfect heat setting to suit you 
  • Auto cut-off at 120mins/2hrs for safety
  • Safe to use: CE & UL130 Certified  
    Overheat Cut Off + Double Layer Circuit Protection Structure
  • Made from soft comfortable Microfibre, plus a layer of fire retardant material and approved inner alloy resistance heating element
  • Adjustable collar with convenient snap button closure for close comfortable fit
  • Weighted edges for optimal effect
  • Removable Controller Chord
  • Machine / Hand Washable - Quick Dry
  • 1 Year Warranty 

Measurements: 58cm x 42cm

Power: 60W

A wonderful thoughtful gift also!

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- estimated delivery time 7-15 days 

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