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Equine Infrared RLT FULL BACK / HQ Pad 1724 Medical Grade 3-in1 LEDs 650nm 880nm Irradiance: 120w/cm2

Equine Infrared RLT FULL BACK / HQ Pad 1724 Medical Grade 3-in1 LEDs 650nm 880nm Irradiance: 120w/cm2

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NEW High Quality High Performing VetnPro Equine Infrared Red Light Therapy   
*intro prices have now ended 31/07/23*


1 x Multipurpose Back Pad

They are here!
A most convenient exciting & highly effective   
‘Treat at Home or Away’ option for achieving and maintaining horses’ optimal health + performance!

These ‘tailored to fit most horses’ Equine Full Back HQ IRLT Pads are a wonderful all natural non-toxic non-invasive highly effective complimentary medical treatment tool to have in the stables or on the road during competition seasons. 
There are no negative side effects to the use of infrared red light therapy products.

The benefits which IRLT offer, are naturally specific and necessary in equine physiology, in regards to supporting optimal health and well-being.

In short, the use of IRLT has scientifically been proven to:

  • improve blood circulation
  • regenerate and reactivate cells 
  • repair tissue
  • offer pain relief
  • reduce swelling and inflammation 
  • increase & improve recovery rates 
  • reduce healing & recovery times
  • promotes lymphatic drainage 
  • accelerate healing of wounds
  • accelerate healing and preservation of cartilage
  • restore and improve blood flow
  • reduce / eliminate nerve pain
  • support healthy muscle & skeletal growth & development 
  • higher frequency 880nm; improve mental health/assist brain injury healing
    & so much more!

There is a lot of useful, invaluable information and interesting research available online, relating to infrared red light therapy - some of it can be found here: VetnPro Infrared Red Light Therapy Info Page 

(more info is still to be added to the above page)

There are 2 Styles of VetnPro Equine IRLT   
Full Back HQ Pads:

  • Style 1) 1724 LEDS (5172 Chips)
    size: L133.5cm x W106cm x H8mm   
  • CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE                        Style 2) 810 LEDS (2700 Chips)
  • size: L135cm x W95cm x H5mm 
  • Both are equipped with a combination of   
    660 & 850nm LED Infrared Chips
  • Ratio: 1:2  660nm : 850nm - in 1 Chips  
    the perfect combination of LEDs to target and achieve the desired results
  • Irradiation: >95 - 120w/cm2   
    highly effective performance medical grade 
  • 100% safe for humans and animals 


  • 9 Program Timer Settings:   
    can be set every in increments of 10 mins between 10 - 90mins
  • 5 Programs IRLT Settings:   
    Select various light settings/programs including:    
    - 660nm only    
    - 850nm only    
    - both 660nm + 850nm    
    - pulsating
    - intensity etc


  • Adjustable Chest Band with Velcro Attachment to fit most horses - please note this is not pictured for Style 2 on the photos 
  • 2 x Strong adjustable Leg Straps to keep the IRLT Pad securely in position
  • 6 x D-Rings for choice of positioning of the leg straps to suit individual horses 
  • Zipper design - full length;   
  • Disassemble by simply unzipping the pad, easily maintain like new 
  • Easy to clean - purpose designed flexible soft pp liner - wipe clean with water
  • Made from high quality comfortable strong durable water resistant Neoprene 
  • Each IRLT product has a soft strong flexible stretchable durable PP LED protection liner
  • Flexible materials & pliable designs to suit all types + shapes of horses also enabling treatment of hard to reach areas 
  • Removable attachable ‘StickOn’ Powerpack Pocket for Powerbank 
  • all adapters / chargers included 
  • where the IRLT product runs by ‘StickOn’ Powerpack a Powerbank is required (not incl)
  • Optional: Extension Band 100cm or 180cm x 12cm wide for additional securing of the IRLT Full Back Hindquarter Pad 


STYLE 3 Multipurpose IRLT BACK PAD

This super versatile IRLT BACK PAD measures 40 x 40cm and is, apart from its’ use as a Back Pad, ideal to use for different areas of the Equine Anatomy.

The IRLT Pad comes on its own, with a 100cm Extension Band and 3 x Short Connector Bands -   
it can be applied anywhere on the horses’ body using these Soft Neoprene Connectors as they simply Wrap & Velcro around the area you are wishing to treat  

As a Back Pad, measuring 40x40cm, it can be positioned and secured in place exactly where it is required.

This invaluable equine treatment tool is fully flexible and comfortable to wear, whilst the medical grade LED Chips work their magic.

The Multipurpose BACK PAD features:

  • Controller with 20 minute timer and Pulsate or On/Off settings 
  • High quality water resistant durable neoprene materials  
  • 120 LEDS - Total: 360 Chips
  • 660nm 850nm 2:1 Ratio
  • Soft comfortable stretchable PP liner 
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Powerbank ‘StickOn’ pocket - Powerbank not incl


  • Customer Service, Spare Parts and Technical Advice always available 
  • 3 Year Warranty on Style 1 + Style 2 
  • 1 Year Warranty Style 3 

Reviews are available on the IRLT info page   
on the website


IRLT products are powered in several ways: 

  • Wireless operation - BUILT IN Battery   
    - push button program 
    - recharged by adapter to Mains power 
  • Mains power  
    - via adapter and extension cord   
    - requires use within crossties type environment under close supervision;   
    feed / grooming time are perfect for this type of IRLT power supply products 
  • Wireless operation   
    Rechargeable via Powerbank    
    - not connected to mains power or long chords/leads, with built in cable connection to attach to ‘StickOn’ Powerpocket    

  • - charger included   
  • - Powerbank not included 


  • The IRLT Range can run on mains power via adapter & extension lead  
  • via Powerbank - where the IRLT product runs by ‘StickOn’ Powerpack  
    a Powerbank is required (not incl)

To operate this IRLT type of product:
1) a Powerbank with USB PORT type C 5V/2A input is required    
(can be purchased just about anywhere or there are a couple of options available in our webstore in the IRLT range)    

2) The Powerbank is charged up via the supplied adapter and cable    

3) Once charged, the Powerbank is placed in the provided StickOn Powerpack Pocket

4) Attach the StickOn Powerpack Pocket to the IRLT  Product - enabled by the strong Velcro

5) Plug it into the built in connection cable of the particular product

The Powerbank should supply ample power to last 2 or more 20minute treatments depending on the specifications of the Powerbank.

Intro offers on the VetnPro IRLT range have now ended (31/07/23) any images displaying the introductory prices are for display purposes only and no longer valid, and will be replaced as soon as we are updated by our VetnPro manufacturers with new product images.

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