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Dog Hydrotherapy Underwater Treadmill 2HP VPER380 Rehab Recovery Home Pro Clinic Home Commercial

Dog Hydrotherapy Underwater Treadmill 2HP VPER380 Rehab Recovery Home Pro Clinic Home Commercial

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with purchase of this Treadmill 

 VetnPro Professionals Range Hydrotherapy Underwater Dog Canine Treadmill


Home Clinic Commercial Professional Veterinary

Made from high quality 304 Stainless Steel;     
anti corrosion rust free easy to clean & maintain 

Heating Unit - use hot, warm or cold by regulating the temperature.  



  • Rehabilitation; with water being a perfect medium due to its’ ability to offer the dog the feeling of being weightless.
  • No impact on (compromised) Skeletal or Muscular Systems.
  • Recovery; water having so many healing properties, the buoyancy of being in water, and benefits of regular hydrotherapy and creating a calm relaxed environment - settling most dogs and assisting with the recovery from injury illness and ailments
  • Gain muscle, improve Cardiovascular health, relief symptoms of Arthritis, Joint Disease, Ageing, and so much more without negative impact of exercise on hard ground
  • Fitness Training / Conditioning for Sporting and Working Dogs, Conformation Show Dogs, even your pet dogs!  
  • Gentle relaxing exercise for pregnant bitches, assisting with improved fitness for the birthing process and raising of the pups
  • Weight Loss Programs - set goals and targets and daily/regular routines for zero-impact exercise especially beneficial for overweight dogs
  • General exercise - Burn energy…. a great alternative to exercising your dog, incorporate regularly to enjoy the fantastic rewards and results such as a more relaxed healthier, fitter happier dog.
  • Reduce Behavioural issues, which may be caused by a lack of exercise and pent up energy, such as excessive digging, barking, running circles, herding, aggression, destruction of furniture etc 
  • Improves overal health and well-being, may assist to increase longevity.


Some of the fantastic features:

Treadmill measurements:    

  • L158 x W61.5 x H100cm

Running Belt thickness:   

  • 2.2mm Heavy Duty thicker than average 

Running Belt measurements:   

  • L130 x W62cm

Treadmill Speed Range:   

  • 0 - 12km/hr

Multifunction Electronic Display Console: 

  • Programs, Speed, Date, Time, Calories and more

Maximum loading weight: 80kgs

Motor Capacity: 2HP

Warranty: 18 Months   
Core Components and Parts Replacement in case of any structural/components issues/malfunction. 
Please refer to the T&C’s on the website.

Money Back Guarantee 

Free delivery to your door - unless in a remote or inaccessible location as per the Couriers’ discretion and delivery zones.


We will advise you of the approximate delivery date upon receipt of your Order via email.

This model is currently available in stock in our overseas warehouse for immediate dispatch.

  • Dispatch within 2 days if in stock.
  • Current  average delivery time approx 4 weeks.  
  • The Treadmill is securely and extremely well packaged for transit in a timber crate individually made for each unit.


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