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Best Strong Sturdy Lightweight Portable Dog Puppy Pet Enclosure Play Exercise Pen Yard 304 stainless steel ‘buy-once lifetime investment’

Best Strong Sturdy Lightweight Portable Dog Puppy Pet Enclosure Play Exercise Pen Yard 304 stainless steel ‘buy-once lifetime investment’

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High Quality mirror shine 304 Stainless Steel

Self supporting sturdy + stable portable indoor and outdoor dog puppy pet exercise play pen enclosure

• 100% Corrosion/Rust Free

• Escape-proof toughness - solid panels & gate latch  

• Solid & sturdy - not flimsy

• Chew-resistant heavy duty design 

• Fit for purpose and highly functional

ESL: 50+ years - a great one-off investment for a lifetime of use 

Can be used at home or away, indoors and outdoors for dogs, puppies, at dog shows, for whelping, weaning, other pets, livestock, baby animals etc

• Multipurpose versatile portable lightweight hygienic durable unbreakable*

Smooth and shiny stainless steel materials,    
will not rust or corrode, providing you with a strong, long lasting, durable solution to dog & puppy & other pets’ feeding, sleeping, and exercise option which is safe and secure

Easy to maintain looking as new

Anti-Bite, no-chew, encourages calm behaviour

Can be configured in a square, rectangle, circle, hexagonal, semi-circle etc - possibility to add panels to increase floor space / size

Create your own unique set up - custom requests are welcome  

Multi Purpose indoor and outdoor suitable for pets/home & professional use, breeders, groomers, dog showing, and more.

Fully portable and easily erected 

• Dismantle and packed up in minutes;   
create a secure dedicated safe space wherever you are, or need to be!

  • LIGHTWEIGHT PANELS between 2-2.5kgs each
  • Easy to carry - folds away to a neat square package which is stackable for handy storage 


  • 20mm x 20mm 1.2mm thick - square tube Stainless Steel Frame    
    15mm 1.2mm thick - round tube Stainless Steel Bars

*when used in normal conditions and circumstances, this dog enclosure and it’s’ individual panels can withstand the majority of negative dog behaviour, should it be tested in such types of situations 


▪️The 2 options available:

Package A6 panels:    5 Standard + 1 Gate Panel 
Package B) 10 panels:  9 Standard + 1 Gate Panel


▪️The 5 SIZES of the Panels in cms:

  • S)            60 x H60cm
  • M)           80 x H80cm
  • L)            80 x H100cm
  • XL)        100 x H100cm
  • GIANT) 100 x H120cm

Portable and lightweight - approx 2-2.5kgs/panel depending on height.


please refer to photos

  •  If you do not require the main gate panel, leave a note in Checkout saying: ‘No Gate’
  • The main gate will then be replaced by a standard panel and sent out to you instead 



  •  ‘Base Brackets’ / ‘Feet Support Tracks’ maintain  supported solid connections between the joins of each of the panels - where they meet at ground level - for added stability;  
    these are included for free and are standard on all sizes of the range.   
    Please refer to the photos 

 1 Year Warranty on Core Components 

📮Free delivery in Australia 🇦🇺   
to most locations - unless remote or inaccessible 
Please enquire for world wide shipping options to other countries 

• Dispatch: 0-2 days depending on size ordered   
• Current estimated delivery time: 7-15 days depending on dimensions (over)size and (over)weight status of the shipping package and delivery options available 

For more delivery and shipping information kindly refer to the FAQS & General Information on the website 

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