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Dog Grooming Pet Dryer SALE! Aeolus LATEST Model Single BRUSHLESS Motor new ultra low temperature nozzle & anti scold protection heat insulation sleeve

Dog Grooming Pet Dryer SALE! Aeolus LATEST Model Single BRUSHLESS Motor new ultra low temperature nozzle & anti scold protection heat insulation sleeve

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 Aeolus 941GT Super Power Single Brushless Motor Dryer
Colour: Red
Air Flow
Blow Force
Surface Air Pressure
Heating Power
Body Material
(ABS+PC) Plastic
Hose Length
Standard Nozzles
two patented nozzles
  • 8HP 110-240V
  • Variable Speed
  • Heating
  • Light
  • Same motor as Monster Pet Dryer BRUSHLESS MOTOR   inexhaustable service life !   
    941GT is the new legend of Aeolus  
    Dog Pet Grooming Blowers & Dryers

Well-designed ultra low temperature nozzle:
  • Based on the Bernoulli effect, and combined with the latest fluid mechanics technology, the most innovative research and trials have resulted in the development of this new ultra-low temperature nozzle
Most similar products on the market have the risk of excessively high temperature of the mouthpiece;
the high temperature and high speed wind quickly heats the surface of the mouthpiece to above 50-60C degrees, making it impossible for pet groomers to hold it safely
The new ultra-low temperature blowing nozzle has a special double-layer suction structure:  
when the wind speed in the inner air duct is higher and the air volume is larger, the outer air duct can accelerate the suction, forming a cooling effect that is proportional to the inner air flow
This ensures that the blowing nozzle surface, through air cooling, does not at anytime significantly increase in build up of heat, and potentially scolds and burns
- Example of measured data:  
When the ambient temperature is 20℃, after about 5 minutes of continuous blowing, the internal temperature of the mouthpiece rises to 65℃, while the surface temperature of the mouthpiece is always within 30℃, ensuring a safe and comfortable holding experience.
The two standard blow nozzles are not only easy to replace and install, and reliable in connection, but also the end shape of the blow nozzle is carefully designed to contour the body of the pet.
The exit of the flat nozzle is crescent-shaped, so that the wind concentrates from both sides to the middle, avoiding unnecessary escape, and it is very suitable for quickly drying the legs, tail and other slender parts.
The outlet of the round nozzle is specially inclined, which not only meets the requirement of normal direct blowing, but also plays a guiding role when drying the abdomen and other parts that are not easy to directly touch, and speed up the drying speed.
Super temperature insulation sleeve
The front end of the hose also easily regularly makes contact with the forearm of the Groomer
When the blower is working for a long time, the surface temperature of the hose can reach above 60°C.  
During the long-term friction and contact with the skin, low temperature burns can occur and are a real risk of the Groomers job
To eliminate the possibility of such injuries a 50cm-long thermal insulation sleeve is added to the machines’ hose

The light and soft material of the Insulation Sleeve does not increase the workload of the Groomer. The super temperature insulation effect simply ensures the safe operation.
In the actual measurement environment, when the ambient temperature is 20°C, after the maximum wind speed of the machine is continuously blowing for five minutes, the temperature between the hose and the insulation sleeve rises to about 63°C, and the temperature outside the insulation sleeve is always lower than 37°C.
Test video please refer to:
Zero leakage shell
The specially designed one-piece injection-molded shell is not only light and beautiful, but also can ensure zero leakage of wind power in the high-pressure chamber.
The left and right parts of the casing are respectively designed with pins and C-shaped grooves.
With high-strength screws, an effective high-pressure cavity can be formed, and the air volume generated by the brushless motor can be concentrated and securely delivered to the hose.
The zero-leakage shell also reduces the blowing noise, and the noise of the whole machine is controlled to less than 80 decibels, which greatly improves the working environment of the Groomer.
Controllable wind speed and controllable heating. 
  • Infinitely variable wind speed adjustment
  • Temperature adjustment:  
    achieve multiple functional combinations such as:    
    - high temperature and low speed
    - low temperature and high speed  
    *high temperature and low speed are essential for the pre-treatment of curly coat dog breeds such as VIP and Bichon  
    It is to straighten the hair; a necessary function to prepare for trimming.  
  • The fan adopts a "soft start" method to avoid surge impact and prolong service life
  • there is also a built-in over-temperature protection switch on the heating device
  • while achieving the above-mentioned broad functions, it also ensures safety.
Easy to clean  
The back cover is easy to remove, and the built-in double-layer filter sponge can not only reduce the noise of the air inlet, but also can fully filter the inhaled impurities and dust, and extend the life of the whole machine.

1 Year Warranty 
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