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ALL SIZES GIANT Dogs VetnPro WALK-in HYDROTHERAPY Bath Luxury GIANT 165cm Canine Spa Rehab Treatment Tub incl Ozone NANO Bubbles Thermostat

ALL SIZES GIANT Dogs VetnPro WALK-in HYDROTHERAPY Bath Luxury GIANT 165cm Canine Spa Rehab Treatment Tub incl Ozone NANO Bubbles Thermostat

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Size & Colour:

High quality multi-function luxury top of the range Commercial Dog Spa Hydrotherapy Bath Tub   

165cm x W89cm x H93cm   
for Extra Large & Giant Breed Dogs. 


This fantastic high quality Pro Range tub has all the features, making it a perfect choice for commercial set-ups as an allround multi purpose bath tub 
Why not increase your earning potential by tons!

Extra Large / Giant sized Canine Hydrotherapy Spa Bath Treatment Tub including:



Featuring our popular Ozone Disinfection System meaning in a multiple client salon based setting you can be assured the basics of hygiene and maintenance of these standards are easily taken care of 

Ozone Hydrotherapy Treatment is also becoming a fast growing popular service sought out by dog/pet owners to improve various skin/other conditions   
This offers an alternative, additional increase in the types of services offered in-salon or onsite, or within Veterinary Clinic type settings and other Dog related industry professional services and establishments  



No lifting large dogs - the fold down entry allows for easy safe transfer of dog to bath tub  
Door is securely sealed and 100% leak-proof        



The tub can be used in various ways:      

1) Normal Bath Tub   
for washing cleaning rinsing etc          

2) Canine Hydrotherapy Spa Tub    
to provide gentle minimal to non-weight bearing therapeutic treatments for dogs post surgery, in recovery, with arthritis, for pain relief, weightloss suffering many ailments and conditions and endless other benefits resulting in optimal health and well-being   
Proven to reduce recovery times and increase positive outcomes across the majority of information and research data available 

3) Skin specific / other ailment Therapeutic Treatment   
using the built in Ozone Disinfect System

4) Dog rest & relaxation sessions ~ the old R & R never gets old :) dogs love to float and gently move around water when they feel safe to do so 
The benefits of this type of Hydrotherapy are evident in the improved physical and emotional well being of dogs who routinely experience relaxation techniques using Hydrotherapy by learning to completely relax all musculoskeletal systems and habitual stress responses and behaviours



DOG HYDROTHERAPY / SPA / HYDRO MASSAGE can also be offered as:  

  • a luxury relaxation treatment to add to your standard grooming appointments ~ this will increase income potential and reduce workload
  • recovery & rehabilitation ~ regular treatments have scientifically been proven to hugely assist with and improve many physical and other ailments, condition and issues 
  • conditioning & or maintenance programs for working, sporting, overweight, ageing, but more importantly any dog - exercise bring a most important part of overal health and well-being for the average canine 

For groomers, and most other industry professionals, a reduced requirement to perform multiple grooms/other procedures - being possibly replaced by Hydrotherapy treatments/sessions - it will mean less physical wear & tear whilst increasing the value of income per client visit considerably


Nano bubbles operate at a whole other level to enable improvement reduction elimination and so much more of a range of conditions and canine health related issues and allergies.

For more info on Nano Bubble Hydrotherapy:

100% chemical-free and using trillions of nano-sized oxygen-rich bubbles to bring numerous benefits to your pet’s skin and soul

These nano-sized bubbles, are 1000s x smaller than regular bubbles, making the spa water appear to be milky.  
Trillions of Nano bubbles in clear water makes the water quietly effervescent

These nano-bubbles are so small that they have the ability to penetrate deep into the skin’s pores, where normal bubbles and other hydrotherapy cannot.  
By laws of physics, any dirt in the pores will be naturally attracted to the negatively-charged bubbles and will be lifted away – all the while leaving behind moisture to keep their skin hydrated.

By working together, these bubbles deep cleanse your pet’s coat on the deepest most intense but gentle level while giving dogs a relaxing effervescent sensation to relax in 

Nano-bubbles are extremely rich in oxygen.  
The built-in Nano Bubble system generates trillions of nano-bubbles, increasing the oxygen level in our bathwater by up to 70% more than tap water.  
Due to their size, these bubbles remain suspended, covering the dog in a lavish cloud of oxygen.  

This extreme oxygen level in the bubbles helps to remove dead cells, and energizes healthy cells, stimulates the immune system, kills bacteria, promotes healing and reduce scar marks.  
The above effectively assist to reduce and eliminate any body odours which result from skin conditions, dirt, and other difficult to treat issues dogs may experience.

As these nano-bubbles diminish in the water, they release heat energy that helps maintain a warm, relaxing bath for the dog   

When bathwater temperatures stay warm, the skin temperature will also increase evenly.  
This “Sauna Effect” increases cardiovascular activity and opens the skin’s pores.  

This accelerates the release of toxins while allowing in moisture, and also stimulates the cardiovascular system naturally – improving muscle recovery and rejuvenation.

Above the surface of our spa bath, there will be clouds of mist - the same small particles are found in abundance around waterfalls, beaches and mountain streams.  
This is the infusion of negatively-charged ions drifting into the air – surrounding the bath at therapeutic levels.  
They are – the natural antidepressants.  
They improve the brain’s serotonin levels to help relax the mind and body, promote deep sleep, enhance recovery from tiredness, and most importantly – they contribute to feelings of well-being.  
Dogs are now able to enjoy the benefits of Nano Bubble Hydrotherapy and its wonderful effectiveness and ability to improve the life of both dogs suffering skin conditions and their owner!

To top it all, they also fight free radicals.  
Yes, those positively charged ion radicals that are known to cause cancer and damage to ageing skin. Around the world, the use of micro and nano bubbles in spas has helped with the improvement of skin health from eczema, psoriasis, ichthyosis and other illnesses



Technical Data:

Model: SL-ZS019B


- High quality durable long lasting acrylic outer:  
   99% Scratch bite chew fade resistant       
   99% Grease Oil Stain-proof   
- Stylish minimalistic design to suit any decor 
- Strong 304 stainless steel support frame 
- Anti-corrosion / rust-free  

- ESL: 30+ years


  • White 
  • White w/Black inner tub

Size: L165cm x W89cm x H93cm  

Weight: 135kgs


Walk-in fold down entry door/ ramp   
Intelligent Controller    
Built In Stainless Steel Ring / Tie Up

Spa function    

  • Massage Jets
  • Bubble Bath 
  • Ozone Self Disinfect System 
  • Self-circulation ability 
  • Built in coloured LED Lights
  • Double filter for hair/dirt drainage
  • Hot & Cold Mixer Tap
  • High Pressure Faucet 
Ozone is a natural gas that removes over 99% of all unpleasant smells, bacteria, mould spores, fungi, yeasts, pollens & mites; and it inactivates viruses.
maintains the water temperature set by you
 The thermostat is not a heater and does not heat the water from cold - rather it maintains the temperature once the bath has been filled - at the temperature determined by you
MICRObubble function
Skin Irritation Relief - Eliminate Bacteria / Odor Reduction - Superior Skin Hydration - Improved Toxin Removal - Gentle Exfoliation / Debridement - Improved Skin Metabolism and Healing 

Types of conditions found to benefit from
Nanobubble Hydrotherapy:

Atopic Dermatitis - Eczema - Psoriasis - Diabetes - Wound Healing - Infection Remediation - Inflammation - Pain Relief - Weight Loss - Body Conditioning

Apart from being a great asset in a commercial setting this hydrotherapy bathtub is also an ideal tub to maintain optimal hygiene of your large dogs at home especially when including the hugely beneficial optional extras to optimise the tubs functionality and health benefits to your dog. 

1 Year Warranty 

Lifetime customer service and support, technical advice and spare parts department 

FREE DELIVERY within standard shipping zones Australia and Worldwide (up to $700AUD) delivery to door

Please read the Dispatch Shipping Delivery info relating to CLASS: Overweight Oversize Goods prior to placing your order - located at the bottom of every page on the website 

Average dispatch: 7-10 days to allow for installation of electrical system to suit the country of destination 

Please note: shipment of oversize goods is usually not an overnight or speedy process.  
Specialist handling equipment, vehicles and courier staff are required for the transfer of these goods to you 

The average delivery time for these Bath Tubs:   
• 6 weeks - delivered by Courier

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