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AUBERON Dog Supplies

AUBERON Dogs Gift Card

AUBERON Dogs Gift Card

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The gift for the dog lover !

🐾Be it for a loving pet owner, dedicated breeder, a devoted rescue operator, a hardworking dog groomer, the bloke/farmer & his dog (and their ute with new dogbox(?!)… or anyone who is immersed in canines somehow….

An Auberon Gift Card is sure to please;              for birthdays, Christmas or any occasion 

gifting the opportunity for the recipient to choose an impressive, lasting and useful new product/s to enjoy with their most loved canine partner/s in life. 

From $25 to any amount you wish to nominate, an Auberon Gift Card is valid for 3 years. 

Gift Cards are not redeemable for, and cannot be exchanged for Cash. They can be used as part or full payment towards a purchase.
The Balance of partially used Gift Cards is credited to your account, and can be used at anytime during the duration of validity as per consumer rights laws, to make payment for purchases. Gift Cards cannot be used at any other pet supplies stores and are only redeemable at Auberon Dog Supplies. Auberon Dog Supplies takes full responsibility for the management of any issues Gift Cards as per current consumer legislation relating to Gift Cards  


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