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Aluminium ‘Show & Groom’ Dog Trolley portable collapsible Auberon Dog Crate

Aluminium ‘Show & Groom’ Dog Trolley portable collapsible Auberon Dog Crate

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Auberon Indestructible Dog Crates NEW High Quality Premium Aluminium Dog Crates

They’re finally here!
Auberon Aluminium Dog Crates

FREE DELIVERY to your door!


• Safest, most secure & just about indestructible!

Highest quality 6061 heavy duty aluminium military grade materials 

• Great choice of colours and sizes

3 Ranges:

1) Collapsible | Stackable | Stationary (CSS)

2) Show & Groom (S&G)

3) High Anxiety Indestructible  (HAI)

Made from the highest available quality grade of aluminium 6061, our new range of purpose designed safe space dog crates is already widely used overseas and hugely popular. 


This Show & Groom Range offers a fantastic selection of portable collapsible stackable show trolleys / crates with optional accessories to match. 

Some fantastic features:

  • Superstrong ‘indestructible’ Reinforced 
  • Lightweight for ease of handling 
  • Anti-Escape Locks and Hardware.
  • 6061 Aluminium durable strong anti-corrosion anti-rust.  
  • Molded - 100% smooth interior, no sharp edges or exposed hardware. 
    Elimination of any chewables or anything to latch onto
  • Many ventilation holes for a breathable airy space. 
  • 2 Strong built-in Handles on the top of the crate and a centred Side Handle when folded to carry the crate easily.
  • Corners have a PP Stacking Mold to slot and secure crates when stacking on top of another, keeping them safely in place. 
  • Easy to clean, wash and maintain as new
  • Offers a high level of protection to keep your dog from potential harm in the event of a collision or accident* 
  • Designed for lifetime service and longevity; superior materials combined with experienced quality workmanship manufactured by a fully certified company supplying aluminium products worldwide successfully for more than 15 years. 
  •  Aesthetically and functionally a most impressive product - available in sizes and colours to suit just about everyone.

 • Airline approved (please check with your local airline if international as this may vary)

Custom Crates:

Size / Colour incl Metallics Pastels Patterns

Door type + Locks 

Sets of Wheels and any other custom requirements please leave a note in checkout or email us at: 


◼️Double Crate Set available - 2 x Crates stacked with Trolley + 1 Grooming set - please select in separate listing: Aluminium Double Crate Stacked with Trolley + Grooming Set 

Optional accessories

•Trolley • Comfort Crate Pad • Crate Door Fan • Extra Reinforced Doorguard • Divider (Large + XLarge + Giant Crates only)
please see below info

SIZES: in cms 

  • S: 61L x 46W x 56H
  • M: 76 x 51 x 56
  • L: 86.5 x 58.5 x 71
  • XL: 101.5 x 58.5 x 73.5
  • GIANT: 122 x 67 x 81.5

Please note: measurements do not include wheels - add 10cms 


  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Grey
  • Tan
  • Dark Blue
  • Light Blue 
  • Green
  • Army Green
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Aluminium - no colour
  • Hot Pink (Custom)
  • Fluorescent Green (custom)
  • Fluorescent Pink (Custom)
  • Metallics (Custom)
  • Pastels (Custom)
  • Other (Custom)




  1. Trolley from Small $99 - to GIANT $225
  2. Comfort Crate Mat from Small $22 - to GIANT $88
  3. Grooming Set from Small $49 - to GIANT $129
  4. Crate Door Fan from Small $50 - to GIANT $75
  5. Extra Reinforced Door from Small $49 - to GIANT  $99
  6. Divider (L XL XXL only) from Large $79 -to GIANT $99 


Attention to the finer details; keeping convenience and the overall safety and superior functionality of the crate, at the forefront of design”. 

Crate Training: 

The Auberon range of Dog Crates has many different crate types to choose from. 
The Aluminium Collapsible Indestructible Crates offer all of the desired standards and features for successful crate training. 
We will not go into Crate Training itself here, as there is a wealth of information available online and by contacting the relevant qualified (or not..) Dog Trainers to suit you and your dogs’ needs. 

With correct crate training, the design of the crate encourages calm and consistently relaxed behaviour - as tried and reported by thousands of dog owners in the USA, Europe & elsewhere in the world.•

* (this applies only to the point where in such a collision or accident the crate is reasonably able to do so, considering all factors and any extremes of damage or impact or detriment)

Stock photos will be updated to resemble our AUBERON Range of Aluminium Crates and Trolleys including the new logo asap!

Auberon Premium Aluminium DRAGON Dog Crates come with a Lifetime Guarantee, Customer Service with Spare Parts Dept.




To order please go to the separate listing for:

 Show & Groom Crate Accessories

  1. Trolley 4 wheels/2 with brakes
  2. Crate Door Fan 
  3. Door Guard for additional security 
  4. Grooming Set - detachable grooming arm and tie up
  5. Crate Comfort Pad
  6. Divider to separate spaces


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