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Aluminium ‘Show & Groom’ DOUBLE Crate with Trolley and Grooming Set

Aluminium ‘Show & Groom’ DOUBLE Crate with Trolley and Grooming Set

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Auberon Indestructible Aluminium Dog Crates
2 x Collapsible Stackable Show & Groom Crates

for a limited time

Purchase 2 x Auberon Aluminium Collapsible Foldable ‘Show & Groom’ Crates*   
any size** and receive a


SAVE (Size: Small $148 - to Size: Giant  $348!)

Please refer to the ‘Show & Groom Range’ listing for crate specs & details here

*Standard Colours only: 

  • Black
  • Red
  • White
  • Dark Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Dark Grey
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Tan
  • No Colour (Aluminium Silver)

Optional accessories:

•Trolley • Comfort Crate Pad • Crate Door Fan    
• Extra Reinforced Doorguard  • Handles
• Divider (Large + XLarge + Giant Crates only)

SIZES: L x W x H in cms 

  • S:          61 x 46 x 56
  • M:         76 x 51 x 56
  • L:           86.5 x 58.5 x 71
  • XL:        101.5 x 58.5 x 73.5
  • GIANT:  122 x 67 x 81.5

measurements do not include wheels - add 10cms 

Please note:   
• custom colours are available   
at additional charge  
Please select in Aluminium Crates Custom Colour Selection in other listing or contact us at:

if you have a particular colour requirement.  

Note: the product photos are to show colour only, as we do not have pics of each colour in the Double Stacked Set Up at the moment.  

**Selected Crates must be the same size

FREE DELIVERY to most locations 
Double Deal Offer is on until 30/10/23  
prices will increase November 2023


  • 2 x Auberon Aluminium Show & Groom Collapsible Crates
  • 1 x Auberon Aluminium Crate Heavy Duty Trolley
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Adjustable Detachable Grooming Arm with Detachable Loop 


Optional Accessories:

  • Comfort Crate Mat 
  • High Anxiety Reinforced Door Guard
  • Divider (L XL & G only)
  • Crate Door Fan

Accessories can be ordered via the separate listing ‘Aluminium Crates ACCESSORIES’ here


•3 Year Warranty on Core Components  
• Lifetime Customer Service   
Spare Parts & Maintenance



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1) General Pet Supplies Range
24-48hrs with a current estimated delivery time of 7 - 15 days

2) Oversize Overweight Goods: 
• 1 - 3 days if in stock - with a current average delivery time of 3-4 weeks
1 - 10 days if made to order - with an average delivery time of 4-6 weeks

This may vary for reasons beyond our control once goods are dispatched whilst in transit 

General Info relating to delivery times:

Firstly, let’s consider the fact that 99% of General Pet Supplies sold across worldwide pet stores is made in China.  
Freight of these goods in itself is a monstrously large industry, negatively affecting the environment and adding financially to the cost of products.

Our range is made up of 2 main types of products;
Group 1) General Dog/Pet Supplies 
Group 2) Oversize Overweight Goods

Group 1) Products:
 General Pet Supplies   
are dispatched from 2 locations;   
our Ballarat Australia, or our Overseas Warehouse
As we are in the early stages of establishing the dog & pet supplies parts of the business, and as new products are added to the range, orders may be dispatched from one of the two locations.  
▪️Continued growth will see us more stocking of dog & other pet products which are more specialised, rather than the hordes of mass-produced pet supplies already available on mainstream online platforms such as Amazon, eBay etc who we simply cannot and do not wish to compete with.  
Australian made products will also be sourced and added to the fantastic range of dog specific goods which we will have available for your canine comforts and lifestyle solutions


Group 2) Products: Oversize + overweight goods are normally sent direct from our manufacturer to customers.

The benefits of choosing this method are:

  •  Climate Change:   
    A huge reduction in the negative effects on our climate and environment, caused by modern day freight options. 
    By choosing to send the goods directly to our customers we are minimising and reducing our Carbon Footprint & Emissions by many tons per delivery
  • The shipping from manufacturer to us, and then from us to our customers, is an unnecessary and expensive part of the freight process. 
    Especially for oversize + overweight items
  • Apart from the fact that by eliminating this step, we are assisting to lessen the burden on our environment, this also saves on average between $400-$800 freight costs per order which are hundreds of dollars worth of savings to our customers
  • Less handling processes, eliminating the domestic shipping to you, saving time
  • Less freight costs, therefore savings passed onto our customers
  • The current estimated delivery time for Group 2 Products is 3-6 weeks 
  • Order status updates with tracking info and any progress is sent via email 



Australia Post does not handle goods over 22kgs or 105cms.
Goods exceeding those limits are therefore delivered by Courier, which for our oversize and overweight range of products, adds on average $400-800 to each items’ cost.

This is also why sending factory direct works best for everyone!

If your order is urgent, please let us know via email, so we can communicate with you about the fastest way to fulfil your order.

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