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Aluminium HIGH ANXIETY Dog Crates NEW Range indestructible safe secure calming dog crates carriers kennels

Aluminium HIGH ANXIETY Dog Crates NEW Range indestructible safe secure calming dog crates carriers kennels

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Auberon Indestructible DRAGON Dog Crates NEW High Quality Premium Aluminium Dog Crates

They are finally here! FREE DELIVERY to your door


• Safest most secure & just about indestructible!

Highest quality 6061 heavy duty aluminium military grade as used for military applications 

• Great choice of colours and sizes

• Welded not riveted for ultimate integrity 

• Airline Approved (please check locally for international airline guidelines as they may vary).

3 Ranges:

Rigid •Non-Collapsible Stackable

Show & Groom •Collapsible Stackable 

High Anxiety •Rigid Non-Collapsible Stackable 

Made from the highest available grade of aluminium 6061 our new range of purpose designed dog crates is already widely used overseas and hugely popular. 


This High Anxiety Range offers dogs, who experience the symptoms of Anxiety and Stress, a comforting safe space to feel secure in. 

The doorway design also offers additional obscurity but also safety for the shy timid anxious dog whilst out and about. 

  • Please note the High Anxiety Range is not collapsible as this compromises some of the ultimate strength in the structure of the crate. 
  • As this High Anxiety Range is focused on providing the safest possible crate for dogs that suffer from anxiety, requiring optimal strength meant foregoing the collapsibility of this particular range. 

• If you require a collapsible crate for a highly anxious dog, an alternative would be to choose one of the Collapsible Crates.

We recommend you then assess if:

  1. either the Door design it comes with is adequate for your dogs’ needs, or
  2. opt for the Extra Reinforced Guarded Door available to purchase as an optional extra. 

With correct crate training the design of the crate encourages calm and consistently relaxed behaviour - as tried and reported by thousands of dog owners in the USA, Europe & elsewhere in the world.

Airline approved (please check with your local airline if international in case this may vary) 

Some fantastic features:

  • Superstrong ‘indestructible’ & Lightweight 
  • Anti-escape Locks and Hardware.
  • Premium 6061 Aluminium durable strong anti-corrosion anti-rust military grade as used for military applications 
  • Molded - 100% smooth interior, no sharp edges or exposed hardware. 
    Elimination of any chewables or anything to latch onto
  • Many ventilation holes for a breathable airy space. 
  • 2 Strong built-in Handles on the top of the crate and a centred Side Handle when folded to carry the crate easily.
  • Corners have a PP Stacking Mold to secure crates when stacking on top of another, keeping them safely in place. 
  • Easy to clean, wash and maintain as new

Attention to the finer details; keeping convenience and the overall safety and superior functionality of the crate, at the forefront of design. 

SIZES: in cms

  • S: 61L x 46W x 56H
  • M: 76 x 51 x 56
  • L: 86.5 x 58.5 x 71
  • XL: 101.5 x 58.5 x 73.5
  • XXL: 122 x 67 x 81.5



  • White
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Tan
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple

Custom colours available - refer to the separate listing for:

Auberon Aluminium Dragon Dog Crates: Custom Colours


High Anxiety Range


  1. Comfort Crate Mat S $22 - XXL $88
  2. Trolley S $99 - XXL $225


 Stock photos will be updated to resemble our AUBERON Range of Aluminium Crates and Trolleys including the new logo asap!

Auberon Premium Aluminium DRAGON Dog Crates come with a Lifetime Guarantee*, Customer Service with Spare Parts Dept.

*wheels 2years warranty - replacement sets and various other types of wheels avail

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