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Aluminium Indestructible RIGID RANGE Dog Crate Stackable Dog Pet Puppy Crates Trolley Cage

Aluminium Indestructible RIGID RANGE Dog Crate Stackable Dog Pet Puppy Crates Trolley Cage

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Auberon Indestructible DRAGON Dog Crates NEW High Quality Premium Aluminium Dog Crates

Auberon Rigid Stackable Range - the super strong superior dog crate available now in Australia 

Made from the highest available quality grade of 6061 aluminium, our new range of purpose designed Safe-Space Dog Crates is already widely used overseas and hugely popular. 

The Rigid Range is not collapsible; this is to achieve the optimal strength and integrity of the crate.

The design & fixtures which allow for a crate to be collapsible, are also a ‘weak’ point in the structure of the crates.
This ‘weak’ point is, by no means actually weak;  the range of collapsible crates are, and have been, successfully used for the majority of dogs without ever needing repair or replacement, however… the Rigid Indestructible Range is designed and produced to provide maximum strength safety and security for your dog if he/she is in the small percentage of dogs who will go to any lengths to attempt to escape due to Separation Anxiety, and/or for other reasons .…

Particularly for those dogs who will try to escape, who will chew on parts of crates you didn’t think could be chewed…and who will injure themselves trying…  here is your solution… 

Some fantastic features:

  • Superstrong ‘indestructible’
  • Reinforced welded construction
  • Military Grade aluminium construction the same materials as used for Military applications
  • Lightweight for ease of handling
  • Anti-Escape Locks and Hardware.
  • 6061 Aluminium durable strong anti-corrosion anti-rust.  
  • Molded - 100% smooth interior, no sharp edges or exposed hardware.
  • Elimination of any chewables or anything to latch onto
  • Many ventilation holes for a breathable airy space.
  • 2 Strong built-in Handles on the top of the crate to carry the crate easily.
  • Corners have a PP Stacking Mold to slot and secure crates when stacking on top of another, keeping them safely in place.
  • Easy to clean, wash and maintain as new
  • Offers a high level of protection to keep your dog from potential harm in the event of a collision or accident* 
  • Designed for lifetime service and longevity; superior materials combined with experienced quality workmanship manufactured by a fully certified company supplying aluminium products worldwide successfully for more than 15 years.
  • Aesthetically and functionally a most impressive product - available in sizes and colours to suit just about everyone.

  • Airline approved - (may depend on your local airport if international) 



It may seem the two types of crates are very similar, and this is true. However the difference in the HAI & RIGID Crates is mainly in the Door Design

  • The Rigid Crates have a full length barred door, the HAI Crates a stronger, more fortified version with a horizontal centre bar across the middle, for extra strength. 
  • Both are non-collapsible for maximum strength and stackable with purpose designed and engineered rubber corners to slot crates on top of another safely and securely.


Custom Crates:

  • Size / Colour incl Metallics Pastels Patterns

  • Door type + Locks

  • Sets of Wheels

  • any other custom requirements please leave a note in checkout or email us at: 


  1. Trolley 4 wheels/2 with brakes
  2. Crate Comfort Pad
  3. Crate Door Fan (for door types which can accommodate the Door Fan)
  4. Divider - sizes L XL and G only


 Lifetime Guarantee* - Customer Service -

Spare Parts 

*wheels 2 years warranty replacement sets and various other types of wheels available 

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