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All-Rabbit Fibre Plus High Performance Nutrition Feed Mix

All-Rabbit Fibre Plus High Performance Nutrition Feed Mix

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FREE DELIVERY Premium Australian Quality Balanced Nutrition for Rabbits of all ages   
All-Rabbit Fibre Plus High Performance Rabbit Feed 
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  • Established since 2017 - Suits all rabbits from weaning to mature age 
  • Balanced rabbit-specific nutrition - contains quality Australian Grown Ingredients 
  • Supports optimal digestion and general health - minimise incidents of bloat enteritis and other serious digestive ailments to which rabbits can be prone 
  • Maximises nutritional value and absorption by the inclusion of Micronised Grains as 20% of the feed mix content.  
    Micronisation of grains, as fed to both horses and rabbits, has proven to reduce the incidence of digestive issues and disorders.  
    In feed trials on rabbits who suffered more than 2 episodes of bloat type symptoms requiring veterinary intervention, no further occurrences of symptoms or incidents needing veterinary assistance has been observed after 12+ months of daily feeding of All-Rabbit Fibre Plus High Performance Feed
  • Provides correct levels of proteins fibre energy fats to meet average daily rabbit nutritional requirements 
  • Scientifically developed whilst incorporating natural eating habits and behaviours - taking into consideration the close relationship of common rabbit nutritional issues and environmental effects such as stress, changes of surroundings, shock, noise, unusual situations which may have (added) to the cause
  • Delicious and healthy, the ingredients are selected for ultimate enjoyment and palatability to appeal to all rabbits and encourage adequate food intake in Fussy Bunnies 
  • Recommended to be fed twice a day with Ad Lib hay/roughage and fresh water 


▪️Product breakdown:  

25% Chaff (2/3 Oaten 1/3 Lucerne)  
25% High Performance Rabbit Pellet   
25% Micronised Grains (Rolled Barley/Oats/Lupins)    
8%   Rice Bran Pellets   
7%   Dehydrated Fruits/Vegs*
5%   Black Sunflower Seeds 
5%   Whole Oats
* may contain a selection of: Strawberries Banana Apple Carrot Sultanas Cranberries

Nutritional Information:
•16% Protein   
•22% Fibre  
•2200kcal/kg Energy     
•4.8% Fat   
•Vitamins & Minerals   
more details are available if required - please email us at info@auberondogsupplies



  • 2kg
  • 5kg
  • 10kg



All-Rabbit Fibre Plus High Performance Feed can be purchased as a one-off order, or as a regular monthly or fortnightly subscription delivery to your home 

Our “BowlFull Bunny” Subscription is a free service offered to assist with convenient rabbit feed and hay deliveries so you have one less thing to worry about whilst your loved Lapin/s will never run out of food

Money Back Guarantee 

100% Australian Grown & Made

Please always ensure to gradually make any dietary changes over a period of 7-10 days to allow your rabbit to slowly adjust without causing any tummy upsets

Custom requests welcome

Free delivery is for Australia Post Standard Parcel Post - if you require Express Parcel Post delivery please leave us a note in Checkout 

Dispatch same day or next business day if order is placed after 1pm EST

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