Collection: Auberon LifeTime Steel Structures

New to Australia 

Auberon LifeTime Steel Structures

An everlasting innovative and affordable alternative to making dreams come true

The Auberon LifeTime Steel Structures Range incl:

  • Indoor equestrian arena - full or partial kits 
  • Equine Stabling Complex - annexes to indoor arenas or free standing
  • Sheds for unlimited applications such as: agriculture, storage, machinery sheds, commercial, industrial, docks and shipping, sports stadiums, etc
  • Shelters for Livestock, Vehicles, Hobby Farm and other purposes

Made from Q345 high quality hot dipped galvanised steel - with an indefinite expected service lifetime these steel structures will last a lifetime. 
Q345 Steel is used in the construction of major infrastructure, bridges, buildings, high rises, machinery, vehicles and so on. 

The standard indoor arena kit comes with a Heavy Duty Industrial Grade PVC 850g 1300D high gloss cover. 
The expected service lifetime (ESL) of the Indoor Arena Cover is 30+ years. 
There are numerous fantastic benefits to using PVC as the main material.

Additional to the PVC 850g Cover, there are other construction materials which are able to be purchased to add to the standard kit:

  • Rockwool Insulation 
  • EPS for Arena Sides / Rear 
  • PU Sandwich Panels for Arena Sides / Rear 
  • Steel Cladding for Arena Sides / Rear

Please refer to the individual listings for each of the Auberon LifeTime Steel Structures products, for more information and details.

Indoor Arena standard sizes: 

  • 60 x 20 x 5m (at sides)
  • 40 x 20 x 5m (at sides)

Custom dimensions welcome

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