Shipping & Delivery

Dispatch Shipping Delivery information pages links can be found on the website, at the bottom of each page. 


Dispatch for goods in stock:

Please note:

A large part of our orders and shipments are Classoversize and overweight goods
Australia Post does not deliver goods over 22kgs and 105cm

1) Delivery of any Orders which are oversize and/or overweight requires Courier Services from our Freight Partners both overseas and domestically within Australia.  
More information relating to shipping of oversize overweight goods is avail on the website at the bottom of each page:      
- FAQs & General Information 


• The majority of our range is in stock ready for dispatch 
• Goods are dispatched on the same day, if your order is placed before 1pm   
• Orders placed after 1pm are dispatched the following business day 

Tracking numbers may take up to 3 days to be added to the Order History in the online store depending on the freight company - please allow time and check in again if no results appear initially when tracking your order 

3) For oversize/overweight goods in stock:

•  Dispatch may take 1-10 working days depending on:

3a. Electrical Goods such as grooming tables, bath tubs etc require installation of the electrical system to suit the country of destination - this may take several days      

3b. All items are subjected to a final QCC prior to Dispatch - adding to time in production/dispatch.  

3c. Oversize overweight goods are individually packaged in either purpose made-per product timber palletised boxes or palletised and wrapt in heavy duty Shipping Protective PP. 
The cost of this individual safe secure packaging is absorbed by us to ensure sound arrival of your goods
(Refer to photos)  

4) Other factors which may add to delivery times: if your order requires delivery by Courier:     
• to allow for availability of specialist handling equipment and staff   
• suitable vehicle delivery for oversize overweight goods delivery
• availability of booking dates/times for your location
- for transfer to Courier Depot from customs    


5) There is an internal freight process where goods are transferred from the manufacturer to the Courier warehouse
• This is the commencement of the shipment of the order however no public tracking number is available for this stage
Transfer from manufacturer to warehouse is usually completed within 1-5 days

6) On arrival of the goods to the warehouse, an evaluation and quality check is done of the goods to ensure these are in excellent condition.

7) The goods are dispatched to their destination via either AIR or SEA freight and a tracking number is provided to track the process/status

8) The method of FREE SHIPPING is determined by the size and weight of the goods. 
If you prefer your order to be shippers via a different method please advise  

Dispatch of all orders is always at the earliest possible opportunity 


Dispatch for custom orders / pre-orders:

• If your order is to be made for you, or if you have particular requests and/or alterations, the product will be sent direct to your door upon completion.
The average production time is 1-5 days
plus the time in transit. 

• A notification email is sent out at the time of Checkout should any goods be out of stock at the time of ordering.

• We are dependent on our stock numbers in our warehouse, and our fantastic manufacturer partners for product stocks to be available for immediate dispatch.
Our inventory is advertised across several channels and platforms and therefore is fluid; numbers of products in stock, and on our website, can or may change without notice.

We do our best to maintain stock levels to deliver your order to you at the earliest possible time, keeping in mind the nature of the goods, requirements for any custom requests and associated manufacturing production times. 

Currently the average lead time is just:

 0-24hrs for items under 22kgs and just  
1-5 days for oversize overweight goods 


Damages incurred during transit:

On arrival of your order, and prior to opening any packages, it is recommended that:

1. you check the outside of the parcel/s for any sign of damage which may have happened during the time in transit.
By doing so you will have a good indication if anything may have occurred during this time to cause this damage.
2. If there are any issues with the packaging, please take photos to clearly show the details of the damage on the outside of the cartons as they arrived  

3. Oversize overweight class goods packaging:   We recommended you retain any packaging particularly for oversize goods; it is extremely handy for storage anytime, and if you should ever require to transport the goods to another location.
Most courier companies will not handle this class of freight unless correctly packaged 

4. When opening the Cartons, document and photograph any damage as you find it.   
This will assist with any claims for replacement or repairs if required. 

5. It is recommended to take care during the assembly of products, as no responsibility is taken for damages which are caused directly by the customer at any time.

🐾Please note

EDIT 13.05.23:    
Multilevel Cages in different sizes are now in stock - ready for immediate dispatch from our manufacturers warehouse 

Made to Order:    
 • Parts of our range of large and oversize products are Made to Order due to the nature and size of the goods and the extensive selection to choose from, it is simply not possible to stock these in each and every size and colour.

• The product description will offer relevant information relating to the status of these items, including availability and dispatch times.

• The general production time for Made to Order products is 1- 5 days, plus the time in transit. 

SHIPPING of oversize/overweight goods:
Depending on the product, shipping may be via Air or Sea freight, and shipping/transit times will correspond accordingly. 
When shipping details are available, they are forwarded to you advising of the method of shipping, and approximate date of delivery 

• Freight by air arrives in approx 12-14 days

• Freight by sea arrives in approx 4-6 weeks

• You will receive updates of the progress of your order via email notifications and/or text message.  
• The tracking details are forwarded to you at the earliest convenience via the order history in the online store including a direct automatic link to a tracking app to track your order conveniently at anytime

The tracking details will be updated when the order arrives at the Courier Depot, and the shipment is relabelled for domestic delivery to your door. 
The tracking details are entered into the public system and notification of any tracking number/s are sent via the order history, plus email notification and/or text message

         • FREE delivery for every order

           we contribute up to $700AUD*

this covers the majority of shipments with 98% of customers enjoying  

*Up to $700 is contributed by Auberon Dogs to provide free delivery within standard shipping zones for Oversize Overweight Class Goods over $1500 in order value 

*Up to $500 is contributed by Auberon Dogs to provide free delivery within standard shipping zones for Standard Class Goods under $1500 in order value 

• Advice of any additional Shipping Charges will be sent via email prior to processing your order. A Refund can be issued instantly, should you decide not to go ahead.

• Locations included for free delivery are at the discretion of our Freight Partners and apply to addresses within standard shipping zones 
This may mean some locations are out of reach due to remoteness, accessibility etc.
Should this occur we will contact you to arrange for a refund in full, or to assist with delivery of the goods to an alternative address if possible 

• If you require your Order by a certain date please let us know so we can work together with you to try and make this happen.



If you would like to arrange for your own method of delivery of your goods for any reason, you may do so at your own expense. We are happy to assist with the arrangements; just let us know and we will provide any required details to your shipping company of choice. 



All goods are subjected to Quality Control Checks at various stages of manufacture and completion. Once a product has passed each QCC, it is carefully packaged according to the requirements of the particular product to ensure a safe and sound delivery to you. 

Crates Trolleys Cages are mostly collapsible styles and able to be transported in a flatpack carton. They are safely wrapt in layers of protective foam and boxes in strong puncture & dent resistant cardboard boxes    
Extra large cages are boxed and sent within a timber frame, palletised for easy handling during transit 

Tiered Cages such as the multilevel range, are packed into several extra strong cardboard boxes and then altogether secured onto a fitted pallet. 
The shipment is then strapped down to the pallet and wrapped up adequately and sufficiently for transit.
Depending on size and weight it may be timber framed.
It is 
therefore protected from possible damage during the shipping process, to arrive to you in perfect condition.

All bath tubs are delivered in a fully enclosed timber box palletised - the weight of bathtubs requires specialised delivery by courier and the average model can easily exceed 200+ kgs

Should any damage occur as a direct result of the shipping/freight of your Order, please get in touch with us with details and photos of the issue/s.

We will contact our freight partners to arrange a solution to satisfy the customers’ rights for the receipt of goods, as purchased via our website, in a new and undamaged condition.

A ‘Transit Damages’ claims form will be added below shortly.
Please email the completed claims form to us at

Damages incurred during transit:

On arrival of your order, and prior to opening any packages, it is recommended that you check the outside of the parcel/s for any sign of damage which may have happened during the time in transit.
By doing so you will have a good indication if anything may have occurred during this time to cause this damage. If there are any issues with the packaging please take photos clearly showing the details of the damage