Product details & specifications





Aluminium Show Trolleys come with:

  • 4 x 6” All Terrain Wheels

as per the highlighted wheel in pic 1 below weight 1.9kg - load bearing 115kgs each

PIC 1:


  • 4 x 5” Ultralight All Terrain Wheels 
per the image here:   

weight 700g load bearing 150kgs each

If you prefer a different set of wheels, please leave a note in Checkout with the details of your choice:  

  • as per Image 1, pictured above 2 options:   

or select Indoor Nylon Wheels if you prefer for indoor use only

1) ALL TERRAIN - choose from TPV or TPR or Air Pneumatic Wheels (Standard)

Load bearing: • 115 - 225kgs/wheel

A set of 4 wheels includes: • 2 x Wheels with Brakes and 2 x Standard Wheels 



There are various options for indoor wheels depending on the style of crate/cage/trolley - indoor wheels are available in 2” 3” 4” with load bearing of 50-200kg/wheel 

All wheels are purposely selected to fulfil their requirements for functionality durability and performance taking into consideration all factors 

2 Year Warranty on Wheels 


VetnPro Canine Infrared Red Light Therapy 




Indoor and Outdoor Dog Runs and Kennels are supplied as individual units - as standard this consists of 3 x wall panels and the front facade panel with door.

When purchasing multiple units to create rows of Dog Runs, they can be installed in two ways;

1) Individual units installed next to one another - there is no requirement for any gaps and the fit can be tight and flush for a uniform finish. 
There would be a double wall in between any occupants.

This option is particularly useful if you plan on moving your kennels around - as they are also portable (unless permanently fixed by you depending on your purposes).

2) Modular units interconnected by sharing the mutual wall panel in between runs.

The kennels function as a complete row of units if opting for this type of installation. At the end of each row, it is also possible for you to use a concrete inner wall of an existing building - hence requiring less panels to complete your project.

Discounts apply if purchasing more than 1 unit and opting for the modular design 

Please get in touch with us anytime to discuss your needs and we can offer you a quote incl free delivery to your home or business