FAQ’s & General Information

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within Australia and around the World*


Average dispatch + delivery times:

Our range is made up of 2 Main Types of Products;

Group 1) General Dog/Pet Supplies and
Group 2) Oversize Overweight Goods

Group 1) General Pet Supplies Range

  • These include all the products which are able to be sent via the usual carriers such as Australia Post, or similar postal services
  • Dispatch:• 0 - 48hrs with a current estimated delivery time of 7-15 days


Group 2) Oversize Overweight Goods:   
  • These include all the products which are extra large, heavy, oversize and overweight which require delivery by a Courier Company.
  • Dispatch:  0 - 3 days if In Stock - with a current average delivery time of 3-4 weeks  
  • Dispatch:  1-10 days if Made to Order - with an average delivery time of 4-6 weeks
  • The quoted delivery times may vary for reasons beyond our control - once goods are dispatched.  
  • We will always follow up on any shipping enquiries promptly and efficiently, and keep in touch with you to ensure you have the latest updates.


General info relating to delivery times:

Group 2) Products are normally sent by us direct from our manufacturers to customers. 
The benefits of choosing this method are:

  • Climate Change:   

A huge reduction in the negative effects on our climate and environment, caused by modern day freight options. 
By choosing to send the goods directly from our manufacturers to our customers, and not to us and then to the final destination, we are minimising and reducing our Carbon Footprint & Emissions by many tons per delivery


  •  Eliminating unnecessary Shipping 
The shipping of products from manufacturer to us - then from us to our customers - is an unnecessary and expensive part of the freight process.  

Apart from the fact that by eliminating this step, we are assisting to lessen the burden on our environment, this also saves on average between $400-$800 freight costs per order which are hundreds of dollars worth of savings

  • Less handling processes  
    eliminating the Australian domestic shipping to you, saving time
  • Less freight costs  
    therefore savings passed onto our customers - each and every order

 The current estimated delivery time for Group 2 Goods is just 4-5 weeks - individual orders will be updated with tracking info and any progress via email 


Australia Post does not handle goods over 22kgs or 105cms.
• Goods exceeding those limits are therefore delivered by Courier, which for our oversize and overweight range of products, adds on average $400-800 to each items’ cost.

This is also why sending factory direct works best for everyone!

If your order is urgent, please let us know via email, so we can communicate with you about the fastest way to fulfil your order.


Q: Are your products in Australia?

A: As we are a new Australian small business, establishing our range of products and the quantities of items to carry in stock, has been an ever evolving exercise. 

For this reason, our stock numbers are fluid; goods are in stock ready for dispatch when placing your order at one of 2 locations.

Depending on which products, some are located in Australia, and *some are in stock, ready to ship, at our overseas warehouse.

Once we have more of an idea of the quantities required to be on hand our Australian warehouse will be adequately stocked to further reduce shipping times. 

**We do however ask the question; “Is waiting an extra week or so, not worth the savings of Carbon Footprint we leave Mother Nature?”   

By again eliminating the unnecessary process of shipping from us to our customers when all goods can be sent direct from factory…(as per Group 2)…. Let us know your thoughts! 



Q: Why send factory direct for Group 2 products?

A: By sending factory direct, we have eliminated the carbon footprint and environmental cost of the additional unnecessary freight processes (Manufacturer - Us - Customer) which is considerable
Financially it has assisted in reducing the RRP for our customers too.

Q: Can I arrange my own freight or pick up my order?
A: Yes you are welcome to organise shipping for your order, however this should be done so at your own expense. Please get in touch anytime to discuss your options.
If you are not aware of Domestic Australian Freight by Courier for Oversize Overweight Goods, current quotes add between $400-800 to the RRP - which is a great saving when it is an unnecessary part of the shipping process.



Q:  What are the Payment Options available?

Payment Options: 

A: When you arrive at Checkout, there are several Payment Options to choose from to pay for your Order.
The Checkout system will reveal those to you automatically, as you progress through the process.

Payment Options/Providers:

Credit Card most Credit Cards accepted    
• PAYPAL Express Checkout    
• ZIPPAY Buy now pay later
• KLARNA Buy now pay later    
• PAYPAL Pay-in-4 Buy now pay later
• PAYPAL QR Code/Mobile/Email/PayPal.Me        • SHOPPAY 

• Google Pay   
Apple Pay
• Osko / Direct Transfer      
• Eftpos    

LayBuy - 2 Options:      
a. PUT IT ON LAY BUY by PayPal or 
b. Tailored Direct Transfer by VetnPro  
LayBuy payments to suit your budget!    
Cash by prior arrangement 


▪️Buy Now Pay Later with:

  • AFTERPAY - hold down/highlight the blue AFTERPAY text and select ‘lookup’ for more info
  • ZIPPAY - hold down/highlight the blue ZIPPAY text and select ‘lookup’ for more info
  • KLARNA hold down/highlight the blue ZIPPAY text and select ‘lookup’ for more info 
  • SQUARE  hold down/highlight the blue SQUARE text and select ‘lookup’ for more info
  • PayPal Pay in 4 - for all info:

Click & Hold down the Blue PayPal Pay-in-4 Text above - select ‘Look Up’ - this will take you directly to the PayPal Pay in 4 website

  • SHOPPay by Shopify Australia does not provide Buy Now Pay Later - this is available for USA customers only 
    Shoppay Australia does provide Credit Card payments 

Click & Hold down the Blue Shop Pay by Shopify Text above - select ‘Look Up’ - this will take you directly to the Shop Pay by Shopify website


▪️As a LayBuy Option to pay off your goods:

(powered by Mastercard Visacard & PayPal)  
 for all information:

Click & Hold down the Blue PUT IT ON LAYBUY Text above - select ‘Look Up’ - go directly to the LayBuys.com website 


Tailored Direct Transfer LayBuy by VetnPro  
LayBuy payments to suit your budget over 4-6 weeks 



Choose Express or Standard Checkout:

if the Express Payment Methods do not show your preferred provider, there are other payment methods available - on the next screen - which will pop up when choosing to go to Checkout 

If we can be of any assistance please contact us anytime at info@auberondogsuppliesaustralia.com  

*Free delivery applies to all orders within Australia apart from:

  • Additional Sets of Wheels (if not as part of a crate or trolley purchase) $20.00 postage 📮All crates and trolleys come with a set of wheels as standard if part of the listed item 
  • Post Purchase Spare Parts & Maintenance related products 
  • Requests for urgent / express / alternative shipping method - as quoted by the shipping partner of choice
  • Shipping costs associated with Returns & Refunds  
  • Worldwide Shipping to countries other than Australia: goods can be shipped to most addresses around the world however may/will incur shipping costs depending on the item and location. Please enquire prior to placing your order 

Please note:
Inventory and stock levels are fluid; products are available for purchase via several channels and outlets and the numbers available on this website may be a short delay behind the actual updating of the system be it manually or automatically depending on the sales channel/method. 
Should this affect your order, which is extremely rare, we will be in touch with you to let you know and make alternative satisfactory arrangements including the option of a refund in full