Collection: Dog & Dog Peoples’ Clothing Accessories & more

Dog + Dog Peoples’ Summer 2023 Apparel….
selected particularly with dog lovers in mind.  

NOTE: this collection is currently undergoing switching from Winter to Summer Ranges 

Exciting new dog summer wear, cooling solutions, life jackets and more will be added shortly. 

Warm and waterproof, somewhat sexy but really mostly snug…  made to withstand the cold wet conditions we (Dog Peoples) embrace to spend precious time with our most loved family members (Dogs). 

•Waterproof Dog & Peoples’ Wear for extra cold outdoors winter days.

•Indoors canine comfort wear (for those that feel the cold more)  

•The new range of Indoors Winterwear (aka PJs)…   as cozy and comfortable as a Tibetan Mastiff in Snow - sure to encourage wintry all day PJ days indoors with your favourite crew. 

•Dog and other animal themed apparel & accessories and more!