NEW! Cat Rabbit + Small Pets Category …long awaited cat & rabbit lovers breeders fanciers - Superior Cat + Rabbit Housing Solutions

NEW! Cat Rabbit + Small Pets Category …long awaited cat & rabbit lovers breeders fanciers - Superior Cat + Rabbit Housing Solutions

🐇🐈Dear Auberon Dogs’ friends & family 🤩
Well today is really about channeling our dear Cat and Rabbit friends ! 

Most cat & bunny lovers know first hand the challenges that may be faced, when considering safe long lasting housing options for our pets, and breeding/show stock alike.  
We have possibly all scrolled through the hundreds of listings online, seeking the ideal cage, hutch or stacked set ups/banks!

(Let’s not mention the $$ spent in pursuit of perfect products for the purpose… and uh the DIY Projects…😆😂)

Auberon Dogs started to establish itself as a dog supplies store only just this year, offering Dog Supplies - which are not like the ‘usual pet products’ - as sold in mega numbers online. 

Our range of superior Dog Crates Trolleys and stackable Cages has now also attracted much interest from Cat and Rabbit Lovers Breeders and Fanciers!

The only thing to do in response to the requests,  is to provide the same fantastic range of not so usual pet supplies - not only for Dogs - but to specifically cater for Cats and Rabbits too!

Apart from Housing/Accommodations, there are other products available which are particularly designed for Bunnies and or Cats such as:

• Cat & Rabbit Toys

• Cage Attention-Diverting Accessories 

• Eco Friendly Cat/Rabbit Houses Caves Hides

• Eco Friendly Interactive Games 

• Eco Friendly Cat Scratcher Lounges, Poles, Jungles (I mean let’s face it they have deep down intentions to take over your house !)

• Wall to Wall Cat-Parkour Courses 

• Bunny Loafing/Splooting Nibble n Dig Sofas

• Rabbit Outdoor/Indoor King Arthur Range

• Litter Tray / Toilet Systems 

• Smart Interactive Lifestyle Products  

and so much more!

▪️Also available (established since 2017)

All-Rabbit Fibre Plus Feed Mix       2/5/10/15kgs   
One - Off or Fortnightly/Monthly Subscription
All-Rabbit Premium Oaten Hay 
One - Off or Fortnightly/Monthly Subscription

Our focus when designing our new Cat and Rabbit range;

Basically Budget to Lavish Luxury

 • Safe •Secure •Escape-Proof •Predator-Proof     
  Ultimate peace of mind

Durable long lasting reliable functional:

  - Design:  
Fit functional and comfortable for it’s purpose, strength, and long term durability                                  
  - Construction:    
Foldable Collapsible Set Up - No Assembly required  
or Simple Assembly   
  - Materials:  ESL: 20 years - indefinitely 
•Highest Grade 304 Stainless Steel 
•6061 Aluminum   
•Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel 

• Truly Waterproof All Weatherproof Corrosion + Rust Proof for outdoor goods 

Below: Auberon Aluminum Rabbit Chicken House Extra Large ESL: 20years

• Bite/Chew Scratch Rip Tear Resistant 

• Eliminate flimsy timber, deteriorating rotting cages, losses due to predator attacks, sleepless nights worrying is  

• Portable options, easy to set up/assemble, lightweight where required

• Easy to clean and maintain, reducing time spent on routine tasks 

Above: Aluminum Rabbit Exercise Enclosure   
•5 Sizes / Heights • Safe Secure Sturdy Portable •ESL:20years 

Anyhow it’s easy to ramble on about the many features and benefits of this new collection of long awaited cat & rabbit lifestyle solutions 

Please find out for yourself!

 Above: Cat & Rabbit Eco Friendly Luxury Scratcher Lounge Sofa  - variety of super cute styles available 

The Category not quite complete as yet however we’d love to invite you to come and have a look! 

Feedback and reviews from happy customers will be added to the website soon !


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