First Auberon Blog Post!!

First Auberon Blog Post!!

Hi!! 🐕🐾🐾How exciting!
Not only is this Auberons’ first blog post, it is our first ever blog post altogether…

“Hello fellow dog lovers owners breeders fanciers groomers carers, trainers & keepers across the world!”

Welcome to all website visitors so far, since the opening of our

100% Australian owned & operated  🇦🇺🐾   

Auberon Dog Supplies Store
Thank you so much!

It has been humbling to watch the interest in our great range of products grow

And grow quickly…

There is definitely a niche market we are trying to cater for in the dog lovers’ vast world of canine comforts, accommodations & housing options.                                                  

We are bringing the solutions which have been unavailable, hard to find or too costly to import: to your door with free delivery to most Australian addresses and locations.

The website…

There have been a few teething issues with the setting up of our website … !we are no IT magic magicians! and unfortunately this has affected the websites’ overal performance and best ability to receive orders. 
Actually - we are quite IT Illiterate and old school ~ think typewriters and snail mail ~…
But we’re getting by …and hope you are too, whilst checking out our store…
please contact us if you have any questions suggestions or recommendations for IT/ Website improvements!  

We are kicking ourselves!
Though not entirely sure why?!??!  
- as the website set up has seen messages from you, sent to us via Inbox, go unanswered! 
Initially during SetUp, another website store was opened, and deleted when not required.  
For some reason we continue to receive Mail via a Junk Folder from this deleted store but are unable to access these messages to respond to them  

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this has caused. And any confusion and frustration.. we are sorry! 

The correct email address is

The construction of the website is still a works in progress (unfortunately), and we ask you for your kind understanding and patience whilst we work on it to allow for the best consumer retail experience whilst you shop with us online.
Or close to it😬😆

Orders are able to be placed via the website or the Facebook Page as well as various other sales channels. 

We are processing incoming requests with a great sense of gratitude and pride, in our customers and ourselves, for the possibility of the success of Auberon Dog Supplies to be sustainable into the future with your highly valued support. 

Thank you so much

Team Auberon Dog Supplies

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